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Get the post-live help you need to scale your business and solve your day-to-day business problems with NetSuite support. With this service, you no longer have to worry about your new product launches. Let our team of certified professionals provide you with the after-live help you need to grow your business.

Remote Staffing Services for NetSuite Consultants From Atticus

What Makes NetSuite Support Valuable?

NetSuite support can be an invaluable asset to your business. It provides a wide variety of services that can help with everything from streamlining processes to increasing efficiency.

With the help of our experienced professionals, you can help your business stay competitive and maximize its potential. From managing data to operations, professionals can provide the necessary resources to make sure your business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Streamline Processes with automation, saving time and resources.

Increasing efficiency through data analysis, providing valuable business insights.

Simplify data management with insightful reports for informed decisions.

NetSuite Support Services From Atticus Solutions

Atticus Solutions offers a wide range of NetSuite Support services that can be customized according to your company’s needs. Our services package provides clients with strategic guidance, quick query assistance, bug fixes, and other ongoing optimizations to unlock rapid ERP growth. We are here to help make your operations more efficient and productive through the following services:

NetSuite Application Support
NetSuite supports feature queries, quick assistance, configuration issue resolution, advanced reporting, and customization/administration, ensuring seamless operations.
Third-Party Script Review
NetSuite Support, regression testing, smooth upgrades, complex problem-solving, challenges addressed. strategic consulting, process optimization, process controls,
Data Standardization
Integrating NetSuite organizes and standardizes your data, creating standard report templates for consistency, efficiency, and shared metrics.
Timely Issue Resolution
IT teams only have so much time to spend on a project. This can lead to support delays, which in turn can affect a business’ reputation and even revenues.
Integrated Management
Streamlined lifecycle visibility. NetSuite ensures quality, reliability, and flexibility. Boost productivity with seamless support for smooth system transitions.
Adoption and Usability
Boost productivity with a user-friendly interface while fostering trust through secure experiences for customers, enhancing your organization's reputation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NetSuite Application Support (Functional And Technical)
  • Netsuite Features, Functions, And Process Queries: Addresses specific inquiries and concerns related to NetSuite features, functions, and processes and assists users in understanding how to utilize various functionalities within NetSuite for their specific business needs.

  • Quick Query Assistance: Helps users find quick answers to their questions to facilitate efficient usage of the system.

  • Issues In NetSuite Configuration Resolution: Identifies and resolves configuration issues within NetSuite that may impact its performance or functionality.

  • Advanced Reporting And Searches: Assists users in creating complex reports and searches within NetSuite to extract relevant data and provides support in generating insightful analytics for better decision-making.

  • NetSuite Customizations and Administration Support: Offers assistance in customizing NetSuite to match the specific needs and workflows of the business and provides support for various administrative tasks, such as managing dashboards, workflows, scripting, forms, permissions, and roles.

Data Standardization

The first benefit for integrating NetSuite is that it helps you to organize and standardize your data. You can set up templates for standard reports so that you can create specific reports for a given period of time at a given frequency.

A system like this can help you avoid reinventing the wheel when it comes to creating reports. Standard reports make it easier to ensure that everyone is using the same data and metrics.

Integrated Management

Complete visibility pane that shows your organization’s entire life cycle. NetSuite’s unparalleled quality, reliability, and flexibility for all your business needs. There is nothing more important than ensuring your business works efficiently and growth is unlimited. With our Support team, you’ll be able to increase productivity and keep your business running without any hiccups.

Our team will ensure a smooth transition of your systems and data while empowering your staff to make the most of their NetSuite investment.

Third-Party Script Review
  • NetSuite Support Assistance: Provides ongoing support and assistance for various NetSuite-related queries and issues and ensures that users can rely on continuous support for their NetSuite usage.

  • Regression Testing For NetSuite Upgrades/Releases: Conducts thorough testing of NetSuite upgrades or releases to identify and address any potential issues and ensures a smooth transition and minimal disruptions during software updates.

  • Complex Solution Leveling: Provides support for intricate problem-solving and addressing complex challenges in NetSuite implementation or usage.

  • Strategic Business Process Consulting: Engages in strategic discussions to optimize business processes using NetSuite and offers valuable insights and recommendations to align NetSuite with the business's long-term goals.

  • Process Controls & Documentation: assists in establishing robust process controls within NetSuite to enhance data accuracy and security and provides documentation of processes for better understanding and compliance.

Timely Issue Resolution

IT teams only have so much time to spend on a project. This can lead to support delays, which in turn can affect a business’ reputation and even revenues.

Fast issue resolution through NetSuite Support ensures that your team maximizes time and accelerates problem resolution and is up and running faster.

Adoption and Usability

Increase productivity through a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and learn. Builds trust between your organization and customers by providing them with a secure, reliable experience.


What our Clients are Saying About Us

We have had the honour of working with some of the best companies. Our client list is growing and we value their words more than gold. Don’t take our word for it, read what they are saying about us. What is your strategy in finding rare skills set like Netsuite Accountants?

We've tried using a very popular NetSuite recruitment agency in the US. First, their fees are very expensive on top of the already high salaries of these NetSuite consultants. Second, the times that we've hired people from them, they didn't have the deep expertise with NetSuite.We were referred to Atticus by another partner and so far majority of our consultants have the right experience and knowledge of NetSuite. It's also a big bonus that their attitude towards working with clients is to deliver the best customer service. Another bonus is that costs are relatively lower than that of the US, which allows us to have healthy margins as a consulting firm.

Michelle K.

NetSuite Implementation Partner

We love the team that we hired from Atticus. We found them to be more customer centric and flexible compared to our other remote teams. They are more flexible because they are working the night shift in the Philippines to work in the Eastern Timezone. In terms of customer service, they make sure to attend to the needs of the customer and are quite patient with difficult customers.

Bryan H.

Service Now Business App

Started out with one NetSuite developer in the beginning and he has been a great addition. We now have built a team of 15. Our most senior developer has been with the team for almost 4 years which is rare in the NetSuite environment. I believe Atticus has helped us find these gems and has worked with us to make sure our team is happy and taken cared of.

Sarah G.

Five Star Netsuite Solution Partner

Atticus has done a great job at implementing events and surveys to gauge the team's engagement and needs. This has helped with our retention of the team which is our number one priority.

Sergio P.

IT Consulting and Software Development Firm

Atticus has found exceptional people for us FAST. We usually need people immediately and the skillsets that we are looking for ain't easy to find in the US. The new team members we've onboarded has allowed us to grow our practice and capitalize on the many opportunities that NetSuite has opened up.

Glenn M.

Netsuite Alliance Partner

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