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NetSuite’s full suite of integrated business applications offers numerous benefits for your operations. But with its endless modules, it can be difficult to customize it to meet your business needs. Hire NetSuite consultants from Atticus Solutions to unlock the full potential of your ERP system!

At Atticus Solutions, our remote staffing services ensure you work with the best consultant to ensure proper implementation and management of your NetSuite software. We have a competent pool of functional and technical NetSuite consultants that can accommodate the most complex project customizations and integrations.

Still not convinced? Here’s a closer look as to why you should hire NetSuite consultants from Atticus Solutions:

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Why Should I Hire Netsuite Consultants From the Philippines?

Businesses need dedicated teams to implement and manage NetSuite effectively. However, it is notoriously difficult to recruit in the US; where there is currently slow economic growth, rising wages, and distinct lack of talent. And yet, there is a huge base of NetSuite talents in the Philippines just waiting to be tapped.

If you’re in search of NetSuite consultants, then bridging the gap with remote staffing services can be ideal for your company. Here’s a closer look at why this solution may be ideal for your company:

All-Time High Demand on Independent Netsuite Contractors

Increasingly, workers in the US are opting to go independent — and that includes NetSuite professionals. But as more of them do, the average rate for their services continues to skyrocket.

At the same time, the adoption of NetSuite is at an all-time high, with over 32,000 to date. As a result, there is a massive spike in demand for NetSuite professionals from end customers, which has also contributed to their rising wages.

The numbers are staggering — inflation for salaries in the US is at 10.1%. One survey even showed how much the market value of these professionals has increased. Local consultants can now earn as much as 150$ per hour.

Hiring NetSuite consultants from the Philippines is cost-effective in comparison, as they have the same skills and certifications as those in the US, yet offer them at more affordable prices. This may be a cost-effective solution for your business.

Keep Rates Competitive

With the uncertainty of today’s economy, many customers are withholding their ERP implementation — due to the hefty costs that come with the project.

One way that businesses can manage expenditures is through a balancing act between onshore and offshore staff. This can help reduce costs in the long run, as you only need to hire a NetSuite consultant through a remote staffing service on an as-need basis. These cost savings can then be used in other business-critical investments, or saved for a rainy day.

Atticus has an excellent track record for our remote staffing services. We place the best candidate as your NetSuite consultant hire the first time around. You are not required to sign long-term agreements with us either, which can help keep your rates competitive.

Access to the Right Talent

You may need to hire a mix of permanent and contractual NetSuite professionals for your project. Either way, the tight labor market and scarcity of qualified NetSuite professionals can drag this process out for too long.

If you need access to the right talent, and fast, then remote staffing services to hire a NetSuite consultant may be your best bet. Not only will this ensure that your consultant is the right hire for your project’s scope, but it also helps your work proceed as scheduled.

Whether for one-off projects or continuous support and optimization, Atticus can match your business with exceptional independent NetSuite consultants fast, and on-demand.

Aligning Your Processes

Every business has specific processes that require specific solutions. NetSuite systems cannot be implemented in a one-size-fits-all manner.

When you hire a NetSuite consultant, they will help you align your software and processes by:

  • Identifying and translating your business requirements into actionable solutions.

  • Developing functional process designs and configuring modules, Suiteflow, and other technical NetSuite solutions as needed.

  • Delivering said solutions to enhance your operations and empower your entire team.

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Remote Staffing Services for NetSuite Consultants From Atticus

With Atticus as your NetSuite remote staffing service, you can hire NetSuite contractual resources for project-based work or continuous support and optimization by subscription.

We have NetSuite Functional Consultants and NetSuite Technical Consultants to work with you on module implementations, custom reports, workflow improvement, ongoing support, optimization, and everything in between.

When you hire our NetSuite consultants, we configure the right solutions to achieve your business goals.

Why Atticus Solutions Offers the Best Netsuite Consultants

Business success is only possible when you work with a reliable staffing service. That’s why it's important that you work with the best of the best — Atticus Solutions.

Our extensive pool of candidates ensures we have the right NetSuite consultant for your needs. We work with mid to senior-level functional and technical consultants with experience in various verticals. We also have candidates with rare NetSuite skillsets, including suitecommerce and NetSuite connector.

Each candidate has complex project customizations and integrations under their belt — hard proof that they know how to enable faster, smoother NetSuite implementations, guide business decisions and provide support and training to help our clients.

Hire Netsuite Consultants Today From Atticus Solutions: The Best Netsuite Solutions Provider in the Philippines!

Implementing NetSuite to your business is just one step towards productivity and optimization — you need to hire a NetSuite consultant from the top NetSuite staffing service in the Philippines: Atticus Solutions. We can help you to make sure this transition is as smooth and seamless as can be.

Our roster of certified consultants is ready to help you tackle even the most technically challenging requests you have for your NetSuite solutions! Message Atticus Solutions today to learn more.

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