Gain access to the expertise and resources you need, whenever you need them. With our flexible IT infrastructure staffing solutions, you can customize your workforce to suit your specific needs, so you can keep your projects on track and achieve your goals—without the hassle.

Transform Your Business with Intelligent IT Infrastructure

Transform Your Business with Intelligent IT Infrastructure

Transform your business into a modern, agile enterprise. With our intelligent IT infrastructure staffing solutions, you can unlock new opportunities and optimize business performance. Benefit from increased flexibility, scalability and efficiency, empowering your business with the tools they need to deliver superior customer experiences. Your business will move faster and become more competitive in an ever-evolving world.

Get the resources you need, when you need them. Our flexible IT infrastructure staffing solutions allow you to customize your workforce, so you can have the right professionals in place to get the job done—whenever you need it.

We Recruit For A Variety Of Infrastructure Roles

With our Infrastructure roles, you have the flexibility to hire fulltime employees or contractors to meet your specific needs. This allows you to customize your staffing solution and ensures that you have the right professionals in place to get the job done.

The Atticus Process

At Atticus, we understand the importance of finding the right staffing position. That’s why we use a three step process - assess, acquire and activate - to ensure we provide the best people possible. By going the extra mile to assess the qualifications and capabilities of each candidate, we provide you with the confidence that you’re getting the right fit for the job, every time.

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We Assess

We assess your staffing needs and provide customized solutions that make the most of your existing resources. Our team of experts will help you determine the best staffing option for your business, whether it's outsourcing, temporary staff, or permanent hires.

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We Acquire

We acquire the industry's most sought after staffing solution. With this new addition, we are poised to be the go-to provider for your expertise need. Our team has extensive experience working with the platform and providing top-notch services.

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We Activate

We Activate's database to find the perfect fit for your business. Plus, with their 24/7 support team, you can always be sure that your team is receiving the help they need.

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What our Clients are Saying About Us

We have had the honour of working with some of the best companies. Our client list is growing and we value their words more than gold. Don’t take our word for it, read what they are saying about us. What is your strategy in finding rare skills set like Netsuite Accountants?

We've tried using a very popular NetSuite recruitment agency in the US. First, their fees are very expensive on top of the already high salaries of these NetSuite consultants. Second, the times that we've hired people from them, they didn't have the deep expertise with NetSuite.We were referred to Atticus by another partner and so far majority of our consultants have the right experience and knowledge of NetSuite. It's also a big bonus that their attitude towards working with clients is to deliver the best customer service. Another bonus is that costs are relatively lower than that of the US, which allows us to have healthy margins as a consulting firm.

Michelle K.

NetSuite Implementation Partner

We love the team that we hired from Atticus. We found them to be more customer centric and flexible compared to our other remote teams. They are more flexible because they are working the night shift in the Philippines to work in the Eastern Timezone. In terms of customer service, they make sure to attend to the needs of the customer and are quite patient with difficult customers.

Bryan H.

Service Now Business App

Started out with one NetSuite developer in the beginning and he has been a great addition. We now have built a team of 15. Our most senior developer has been with the team for almost 4 years which is rare in the NetSuite environment. I believe Atticus has helped us find these gems and has worked with us to make sure our team is happy and taken cared of.

Sarah G.

Five Star Netsuite Solution Partner

Atticus has done a great job at implementing events and surveys to gauge the team's engagement and needs. This has helped with our retention of the team which is our number one priority.

Sergio P.

IT Consulting and Software Development Firm

Atticus has found exceptional people for us FAST. We usually need people immediately and the skillsets that we are looking for ain't easy to find in the US. The new team members we've onboarded has allowed us to grow our practice and capitalize on the many opportunities that NetSuite has opened up.

Glenn M.

Netsuite Alliance Partner

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