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Unlock the power of real-world experience and deep technical expertise to drive BI success and maximize the benefits for your business. Gain the insights and clarity you need to make confident decisions, enabling you to transform your data into actionable insights.

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Reasons why the Philippines is a Top IT Outsourcing Destination

Business Intelligence success can be achieved by combining real-world experience and deep technical expertise. With this powerful combination, companies can ensure a successful implementation of BI initiatives and maximize the benefits for your business.

We have a unique expertise in BI and analytics combined with the proper skills to explain both technical and business-driven elements in an easy way for decision makers. Bringing our real-world experience, deep technical expertise and knowledge of customer needs together you can ensure BI success as well as maximize the benefits for your business.

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One of the most attractive benefits of IT outsourcing to the Philippines is the cost-efficiency of this business solution. The misconception is that low costs equal low quality - but this is not the case for Filipino services. When redistrubuting operations to outsourced teams, you receive high-quality output from qualified workers at a lower cost. Your company can save as much as 80% in overhead costs by utilizing this service. Thus, IT sourcing in the Philippines is an affordable and competitive business investment.

excellent work culture

Excellent Work Culture

The workforce in the Philippines has an excellent work culture, which is beneficial to your business. Filipinos are known for their natural resilience, adaptability, and friendliness.

These qualities make them highly trainable and efficient workers. They can easily keep up with changing shifts, new tasks, and unfamiliar job specifications quite quickly. Overall, these contribute to the excellent IT outsourcing in the Philippines.

english fluency

English Fluency

High levels of English fluency is another benefit to IT outsourcing in the Philippines. Around 70% of Filipino workers are proficient in English. Most learn the language before entering school, and their language skills are reinforced through English classes at all levels of formal education.

This proficiency is a must as it is the primary language for local commerce. The Filipino’s skill in the English language allows them to easily communicate even with foreign clients, easing offshore and outsourced operations.

cultural compatibility

Cultural Compatibility

Culture compatibility is of the utmost importance to the success of IT outsourcing, and the Philippines has some of the most adaptable workers available. Philippine culture has been affected by many others due to colonization and trade routes.

These influences are still entrenched in the Filipino’s mentality, leading to their high adaptability to foreign cultures. Adding to this is their country’s hospitality, which is deeply ingrained in their culture and traditions. This makes them compatible with almost any client, as well as easy to socialize and work with.

provides 24/7

Provides 24-7 Service

The IT outsourcing in the Philippines focuses on providing a workforce that is available 24/7. This is a huge benefit for international clients. Outsourcing services provide additional benefits to workers who take night and weekend shifts, making the time differences a non-issue for many.

As such, working late at night, rotating shifts, and even working on weekends is normalized in the Philippines outsourcing industry. Regardless of where your company is, IT services in the Philippines are sure to cover your requirements at any time.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services From Atticus

Atticus is a trusted offshore outsourcing Philippines service provider. We offer IT outsourcing and HR outsourcing services in the Philippines from our strategic location in Ortigas CBD, Metro Manila. We aim to provide top-quality support for SAAS companies throughout Asia, the USA, and Europe.

This support is scalable with the right talent, contributing to your company’s overall success. With our services, you can focus on growing your business while we focus on the IT and HR aspects.

benefits of outsourcing IT services from atticus
matching professionals to your needs

Matching Professionals To Your Needs

Without being IT trained, how do you ensure that your IT employees are appropriately qualified? This is a dilemma that is solved by outsourcing your IT in the Philippines and acquiring Atticus’ services. At Atticus, we take great care to match the right IT professionals with your business's specific needs.

To attract the right talents for our remote staff in the Philippines, we have carefully formed a vibrant community within the country’s technology industry and continue to exchange knowledge and promote its development from within.

Additionally, we make investments in top IT graduates and leaders that are in these communities. We utilize these resources to effectively match professionals to your company’s IT needs.

Increase Efficiency and Compettiveness

Increase Efficiency and Competitiveness

With our services, you can increase your competitiveness. Companies that keep all their IT in-house end up with higher costs, which ultimately translate to increased service prices. By outsourcing your IT in the Philippines you can cut back on costs, and therefore price your services more competitively. Atticus’ services also allow your business to adopt a constant workflow. With a remote IT team, you can have your staff that is available around the clock. Thus making your delivery cycles more efficient, and your services more valuable to the customer.

At Atticus, we look for ways to help our clients get ahead of the curve. To do so, we find new avenues to improve our remote team’s quality, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and capabilities. All in all, IT outsourcing in the Philippines with Atticus can be an efficient and cutting-edge endeavor for your company.

Support for Startups and entrepreneurs

Support for Startups and Enterpreneurs

Atticus provides support for IT startups, entrepreneurs, and SME’s through their outsourced IT services. While these businesses may struggle to take on projects, quality outsourced services providers will have the resources and capabilities to tackle them promptly. IT outsourcing in the Philippines also brings years of experience and know-how for your company, ultimately saving you time and money.

At present, Atticus focuses on supporting SaaS startups and other similar businesses interested in outsourcing their IT in the Philippines. We also provide opportunities and assistance to organizations that are less familiar with IT services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Netsuite, ServiceNow, and Salesforce.

Different IT Facets from Atticus

Atticus has partnerships with different companies —, CEANA Technology, and Cloud Jedi Solutions — to create and implement IT solutions fit for our clients. Our partners assist our clients in outsourcing their IT in the Philippines by providing their services and resources. These companies are founded and led by innovative industry experts, who are also considered trusted community leaders in their verticals.

Apper.Ph has extensive experience in different aspects of cloud technology. This company knows the ins and outs of building, migrating, operating, and optimization of these applications. The team can easily perform the necessary services for your cloud platforms. This expertise is backed up by their wide range of certifications on multiple platforms — plus, is an accredited Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Consulting Partner

Ceana Technology

CEANA Technology is a firm that specializes in NetSuite Development. The CEANA team has served 24 countries and has over 450 NetSuite projects under their belt. From their experience, they can perform rescue, account customization, integration projects, enhancements, and consultations for NetSuite operations. As a result of their quality work and extensive portfolio, CEANA is trusted by many NetSuite partners and users worldwide.

Cloud Jedi Solutions

Cloud Jedi Solutions is the top developer for Salesforce and has retained its #1 position on the Salesforce AppExchange since 2015. Cloud Jedi Solutions has more than 12 years of experience working with different Salesforce companies and is the company to go to when you want to scale your IT operations. They have numerous Salesforce certifications, which backs up the quality of their services. They offer CRM strategies, system integrations, scaling operations, and other migration services.

Take on IT Outsourcing in the Philippines with Atticus!

Whether you want to improve your IT services, cloud capabilities, website development, or other IT solutions, you stand to benefit from outsourcing your IT in the Philippines. Going offshore, and outsourcing key IT operations is the strategic move for every SaaS, big and small. For all your remote staffing services in the Philippines and IT outsourcing needs, contact Atticus Solutions today!


What our Clients are Saying About Us

We have had the honour of working with some of the best companies. Our client list is growing and we value their words more than gold. Don’t take our word for it, read what they are saying about us. What is your strategy in finding rare skills set like Netsuite Accountants?

We've tried using a very popular NetSuite recruitment agency in the US. First, their fees are very expensive on top of the already high salaries of these NetSuite consultants. Second, the times that we've hired people from them, they didn't have the deep expertise with NetSuite.We were referred to Atticus by another partner and so far majority of our consultants have the right experience and knowledge of NetSuite. It's also a big bonus that their attitude towards working with clients is to deliver the best customer service. Another bonus is that costs are relatively lower than that of the US, which allows us to have healthy margins as a consulting firm.

Michelle K.

NetSuite Implementation Partner

We love the team that we hired from Atticus. We found them to be more customer centric and flexible compared to our other remote teams. They are more flexible because they are working the night shift in the Philippines to work in the Eastern Timezone. In terms of customer service, they make sure to attend to the needs of the customer and are quite patient with difficult customers.

Bryan H.

Service Now Business App

Started out with one NetSuite developer in the beginning and he has been a great addition. We now have built a team of 15. Our most senior developer has been with the team for almost 4 years which is rare in the NetSuite environment. I believe Atticus has helped us find these gems and has worked with us to make sure our team is happy and taken cared of.

Sarah G.

Five Star Netsuite Solution Partner

Atticus has done a great job at implementing events and surveys to gauge the team's engagement and needs. This has helped with our retention of the team which is our number one priority.

Sergio P.

IT Consulting and Software Development Firm

Atticus has found exceptional people for us FAST. We usually need people immediately and the skillsets that we are looking for ain't easy to find in the US. The new team members we've onboarded has allowed us to grow our practice and capitalize on the many opportunities that NetSuite has opened up.

Glenn M.

Netsuite Alliance Partner

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