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Atticus is a leading IT offshoring company in the Philippines that provides full-time remote staffing services. At present, Atticus offers remote staffing services in the Philippines for SaaS startups and cloud technology companies. Since our founding date in 2016, our team has partnered with CEANA Technology,, and Cloud Jedi Solutions to allow your business to scale effectively.

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What is Remote Staffing in the Philippines

Hiring remote staff in the Philippines refers to employing professionals who work outside the traditional office environment to fulfill specific tasks for a company. When you outsource home-based workers, you are not limited by physical recruitment boundaries.

Though existing for many years now, the benefits of hiring remote staff in the Philippines were never fully realized until the modern digital age. Advancements in technology paved the way for the creation of virtual software that made hiring remote staffing services in the Philippines possible.

Why The Philippines is A Strategic Place to Hire Remote Staff

Hiring remote staffing services in the Philippines is one of the most strategic ways to achieve business success. Why? Two of the biggest limitations when developing a business are hiring the right staff and operational costs. Remote staffing services in the Philippines can provide solutions for both of these problems.

Remote staffing in the Philippines has proven to be a cost-effective strategy for companies that want to scale. As a country, the Philippines is known to be a powerhouse for offshore remote staffing services. Every year, the Philippines produces thousands of competitive fresh graduates that are equipped to cater to your various business needs. Here are the different benefits of choosing to hire remote staff in the Philippines:

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Highly Competitive Talent Pool

Numerous business owners have found choosing the Philippines as an ideal location for hiring remote staffing services. This is because the Philippines is known to produce highly competitive fresh graduates every year, particularly in the field of IT, technology, and administration.

Hiring remote staffing services in the Philippines is more than just paying someone to punch in data, it’s about gaining access to a professional talent pool that presents endless opportunities for your business to grow. If you need to add a full-time specialist to your team, the best thing to do is to employ remote staff in the Philippines.

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English-Fluent Workforce

Effective communication has always played a crucial role in achieving business success. This is especially applicable for teams with remote staff. The good news is that the Philippines is the 3rd largest English-speaking country in the world. In fact, the Philippines ranks 15th out of 80 countries in the English Proficiency Index.

When you hire remote staffing services in the Philippines, you will no longer have to worry about hindrances due to language barriers. Your company can enjoy smooth working communication with your dedicated remote staff team.

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Accommodating and Diligent Work Ethics

Professionals in the Philippines display accommodating and diligent work ethics. This is because, by nature, the Filipinos are hospitable.

When you engage in hiring remote staffing services in the Philippines, you will immediately notice that Filipinos take great pride in their work. Companies can expect that Filipino remote workers will strive hard to deliver high-quality results, even in remote work settings.

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Reduced Operational Costs

Reduced operational costs are the primary reason why companies hire remote staffing services in the Philippines. Salaries of Filipino workers are known to be lower than in other developed countries, reducing business expenses.

In addition, companies that provide offshore remote staffing services in the Philippines typically equip their staff with complete knowledge and infrastructure to complete tasks. Hiring remote staffing services in the Philippines is the perfect strategy for creating specialist teams without taking out a bigger capital for additional resources like physical office space and IT equipment.

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Benefits of Hiring Atticus’ Remote Staffing Services

Atticus provides offshore IT staffing in the Philippines for SaaS startups and cloud technology companies. Since 2016, our team has provided organizations with a wide array of remote staffing services.

Throughout the years, we stayed committed to our goals of being proactive communicators, intent on adding value, and resolute in providing world-class standard service to support clients for all their manpower and recruitment needs.

Find out what sets Atticus’ remote staffing services in the Philippines apart from others.

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Full Suite of Remote Staffing Services

Atticus partnered with CEANA Technology,, CEANA Technology, and Cloud Jedi Solutions to provide remote staffing services in the Philippines for scaling SaaS startups and cloud technology companies.

Whether you need a full-stack SaaS engineer, SaaS customer service representative, AWS-certified DevOps engineer, Netsuite functional consultant, or Salesforce developer, rest assured Atticus will match you with the right remote staff in the Philippines to meet your business needs.

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Excellent Customer Services With Intent of Adding Value

At Atticus, our intent has always been to add value to our client’s businesses. We help clients get ahead of the competition by putting ourselves in the end customer’s position.

With this in mind, we proactively communicate with clients to find the best solution using our remote staffing services in the Philippines. Our focus is to improve your business operations and make things more cost-effective and scalable.

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Comprehensive Referral Communities

When it comes to IT outsourcing in the Philippines, our team at Atticus formed communities within different technology verticals. Over the years, we continued to build up these network relationships to recruit suitable candidates for remote staffing services in the Philippines. We also unceasingly invested in top graduates and budding leaders coming from the IT industry. Many of the individuals in our database have partnered with us to bridge tech talent gaps.

With our top-tier remote staff in the Philippines, you can run your business in the cloud with utmost confidence.

All about the remote Staffing Process of Atticus

Here at Atticus, we provide only expert-vetted candidates for our clients. This is what allows us to offer high-quality and professional remote staffing services in the Philippines.

Throughout the recruitment, onboarding, and continuous development, we work hand-in-hand with clients.

all about remote staffing process of atticus
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Discussion of Talent Desired

Let’s say the client already has the desired talent in mind. Our remote staffing specialists will thoroughly discuss with the client regarding job descriptions to have a deep understanding of the ideal candidate.

Afterward, we will organize an internal team discussion among the recruitment teams to meet the client’s specific hiring needs.

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Candidate Recruitment Begins

Through our internal recruitment teams, we will immediately begin profiling suitable candidates. We can assist clients throughout the selection process by arranging assessment tests and interviews.

At Atticus, the recruitment process begins and ends only with the client’s approval of handpicked candidates.

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Client Onboarding and Expectation Discussions

After the client has approved their remote staff in the Philippines, we will onboard both parties to discuss expectations and OKRs.

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Arrangement for Employment

We will arrange the employment reporting process to ensure the offered candidate fits in the client’s team without any issues. The built team based in the Philippines will directly report, according to the client’s timezone.

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Offshore Employee Management Assistance

We understand that managing a remote staff in the Philippines can be challenging. This is why at Atticus, our remote staffing services in the Philippines include offshore employee management assistance. If needed, our remote staffing consultants in the offshore site can align with your employees. We also provide all the tools, performance management equipment, and infrastructure to ensure your dedicated remote staff in the Philippines grows with you!

Hire Remote Staffing Services in the Philippines!

At Atticus, our goal is to be the preferred IT offshoring company that provides efficient, cost-effective, and scalable remote staffing services in the Philippines. If you need to build a high-performance remote team, we are the company that can help you grow with the right people and the right service.

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