3 Tips For Successful NetSuite Staff Augmentation

July 4, 2022
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What are the tips for a successful NetSuite staff augmentation?

  1. Attract and hire experienced NetSuite talents
  2. Define objectives and timelines for projects
  3. Build communication and team culture

For any business, having the right talent is important. Manpower is needed to maintain operations and productivity, even when it comes to NetSuite! For both partners and end-users, staff augmentation can be a good solution. Continue reading to learn about tips for NetSuite staff augmentation.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation involves the use of temporary personnel outside the organization to address capacity issues within the business. It can come in the form of part-time, project-based contractors that any business — whether you’re a NetSuite partner or NetSuite end-user — can hire to fulfill the following things:

For NetSuite Partners:

For NetSuite partners, staff augmentation services can provide the needed capacity when there are project surges. Trained and experienced NetSuite specialists can come in to provide help when there is not enough manpower to complete tasks, especially during the peak season when requests for NetSuite assistance increase.

For NetSuite End-Users:

Staff augmentation services can be beneficial for NetSuite end users in need of assistance to fulfill complicated NetSuite administration and support tasks, such as data migration, customizations, etc. A part-time team with the knowledge and experience can step in and complete these tasks.

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Tips For A Successful NetSuite Staff Augmentation

NetSuite staff augmentation is a good solution if you urgently need NetSuite specialists in your team. Here are some tips to make the most out of this solution:

Attract And Hire Experienced NetSuite Talents

Whether you need part-time or full-time NetSuite specialists, it’s crucial to find people with the knowledge, skills, and experience when it comes to software. Plenty of talents can be attracted by genuine and competitive benefits and compensation packages. For the best results, you can engage with a staff augmentation partner such as Atticus to help you come up with well-researched packages that will surely attract great NetSuite talent. When looking for staff to fill your team, try to find someone with certifications. But it’s not a must because limiting your search will shrink the talent pool, and you might miss out on great candidates. Here are the NetSuite Talents you need to hire:

  • Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for handling core operations on the platform. They can also plan actions based on different business requirements. To ensure the success of a project, they will assign and organize a timeline, and list down different positions you need.

  • Developer

Developers are tasked to create a custom script using SuiteScript. They also create and test back-end processes to automate key business functions. They will work closely with an administrator who is responsible for testing on the front end of the system.

  • Consultant

Consultants will work with companies through the entire development life cycle of the NetSuite software. They define, review, and interpret requirements, work with client databases, implement strategies, work and communicate with internal teams, and ensure timely delivery and risk management. They will also lead and participate in client workshops, provide support for technical and functional inputs, develop system design and related documents, also respond to client expectations.

Define Objectives And Timelines For Projects

To ensure a successful staff augmentation, you will need to define the objectives you want to achieve with a project and the staff you will hire. This includes identifying specific tasks, outcomes, deadlines, timelines, and more. By doing so, you can communicate your goals clearly, and help your staff focus on what truly matters. There should be open communication between your business and the staff augmentation provider at the early stage, to allow smooth coordination. Lack of communication can lead to failures and mistakes.

Build Communication And Team Culture

To keep the staff productive and motivated to work, it is important to offer them help and guidance and also give praise when deserved. Even augmented staff want to feel appreciated too. Have regular check-ins and catch-ups, and create engaging activities to provide fun and relaxation. However, not all businesses have the resources and skills at building team culture and employee engagement activities. The solution here is to involve staff augmentation partners such as Atticus in helping create this culture. Fortunately, we have a dedicated team of learning, development, and employee engagement professionals whose main job is to do this.

Why Go For NetSuite Staff Augmentation

NetSuite staff augmentation offers plenty of benefits, whether you’re a NetSuite end-user or partner. First, having a team of NetSuite experts can result in a significant boost of the value of your NetSuite investment. Since these experts can integrate NetSuite seamlessly to meet your organization’s needs, you can get the most out of your investment. Through NetSuite staff augmentation, you can also ensure that the software is optimized for your needs. Other than that, staff augmentation also gives you access to top talent and experts who have years of experience and knowledge. This ensures that you get the right advice to improve your NetSuite software. With experts assisting you, you will have fewer worries and more time to focus on core business functions!

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How Atticus Can Help: The Atticus DNA

If you’re interested in staff augmentation, you can send us a message here at Atticus! Here are some of the reasons why NetSuite partners and users choose us:


We have a long experience in NetSuite staff augmentation and have the expertise in managing NetSuite talents. Our experience assures that you or your clients only get the best quality NetSuite solutions. We choose our team members carefully based on their skills and experience, but also soft skills that allow them to perform under shifting situations.


Our organization’s size allows us to adapt to changes that may come our way. We will make sure to align properly with you and your client’s business, so we can deliver the right solution. Other than that, we make sure to constantly evolve our process based on changing business requirements so we can better serve you.


All of our team members, from the owners, to the team leaders, and staff collaborates to take on difficulties and challenges. This collaborative nature is extended to you, our client, so we can work with your internal team.


Learning is a continuous process here at Atticus. We are always learning new developments in businesses to better help our clients grow. When we see gaps, we turn them into opportunities.

Key Takeaway

NetSuite staff augmentation is a good solution if you want to access a wide pool of talents that can help you with your NetSuite tasks! Staff augmentation offers plenty of benefits, so you can lessen your worries and focus better on your business.Follow these tips for NetSuite staff augmentation for both end users and partners. By doing so, you can find the right people that can help you with your NetSuite tasks. If you’re interested to learn more, you can send us a message here at Atticus!

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