What is Your Strategy for Find Rare Skill Sets like NetSuite Accountants?

December 8, 2022
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Employees with all the skill sets and experience you need are hard to find. When you add NetSuite certifications and experience into the mix, this becomes an even bigger challenge. Human resource departments continue to look for a strategy for these rare NetSuite skill sets. Among the many NetSuite skill sets, finding an accountant with NetSuite experience can be quite difficult. This article explores the strategy of remote staffing in finding the right employee for the job. At Atticus Solutions, we want to help you look for the professionals you need for your NetSuite accountant needs. Continue reading to learn how our process at Atticus Solutions can be the best solution for your hiring needs

Why Should You Hire NetSuite-Trained Accountants?

Many businesses have implemented NetSuite for its ERP system and many modules — including those for accounting. The NetSuite program is a leading cloud-based business solution that provides its users with various benefits. However, using the system it provides does not come easy for many.Navigating and using NetSuite for accounting tasks is not a skill that many have since the platform is a complex ERP solution with a steep learning curve. That’s the reason many seek NetSuite-trained accountants from their roster of employees or outside the company. It can be difficult to find an accountant who is well-versed in the software. Those who are can address various financial pain points and remove repetitive financial tasks. They will also be able to eliminate reporting errors and maintain data integrity since they’ll have greater control over the company’s financial assets. NetSuite accountants will be able to accomplish complex accounting projects with the help of NetSuite as it analyzes data for you in real-time. The platform provides them with full visibility of the company’s finances that both contribute to and hinder your growth.

What is Remote Staffing?

What is Remote Staffing?

Instead of using their current roster of employees, companies have started to use remote staffing as a solution to hire employees with specific skill sets. This includes finding professionals with NetSuite certifications and accountants with NetSuite experience. But what is remote staffing? This is when a company makes use of a third-party company—like Atticus Solutions—to source highly qualified and experienced professionals from another country.One of the many benefits of using remote staffing is how quickly you can get a skilled professional for the job. For a company, it can be advantageous to train new hires and have older employees take up certifications, however, this may take time to actualize. Remote staffing provides you with the quickest possible solution to find a person with the specific skills needed without needing to purchase additional equipment for them in the office. This service presents your company with limitless possibilities when it comes to employment. For unexpected projects, for example, you have the option of hiring contractual employees on an as-need basis. In this scenario, you have the added benefit of allowing full-time employees to continue working on more business-critical tasks for the company.

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Why Hire From Atticus Solutions?

Why Hire From Atticus Solutions?

The demand for professionals with NetSuite certification and experience continues to grow. Around the world, there are only a limited number of them, making them very difficult to find throughout the United States. Many in the US are also choosing to become contractual workers—resulting in ever-rising wages domestically. That’s why many seek assistance from other countries, such as the Philippines, to address their NetSuite accounting needs. Atticus Solution is one of the most reputable companies that offer NetSuite staffing solutions. You can trust us to take care of your entire hiring process when it comes to NetSuite accountants. Thanks to our comprehensive referral communities we have access to a wide database of highly-skilled candidates ready for the job!The Atticus Process of hiring makes use of a referral community to develop one of the country’s largest networks of NetSuite professionals. Our accountants have the NetSuite experience you need, as well as experience from some of the biggest accounting firms known in the United States. This experience provides Atticus NetSuite accountants with knowledge of US accounting principles and tax regulations.

Key Takeaway

There is not one strategy for rare NetSuite skill sets. There are many options for human resource departments to explore to find the right professionals for the job. One of those is remote staffing which allows companies to hire an employee from a different country. This way of staffing presents them with a unique solution to increase productivity in the office without disrupting their daily business processes and functions. Partner with us here at Atticus Solutions. We go above and beyond to hire the best NetSuite accountants. We also offer a full suite of NetSuite services to help you address all the pain points of the software. Reach out today, and allow us to help you optimize your ERP software with our roster of skilled NetSuite professionals.

Download the Salary Guide to compare average salaries of top NetSuite ERP professionals.

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