Recession Proofing Your Business: How Staff Augmentation Services Help

December 24, 2022
Image represents the importance of staff augmentation services in recession-proofing businesses.

How do staff augmentation services help a business?

  1. Work with Mid to Senior Professionals for Lower Rates
  2. You Can Find Experts in Emerging Technologies
  3. Avoid Staff Burnout

With new economic projections showing that a US recession is effectively certain in the coming year, businesses now have to consider how to adjust to changing conditions. It’s time to brace yourself for tight times — and that means paring down and rethinking where your money goes. One of the biggest considerations here is your staff. Those seeking to make their workforce more lean, versatile, and cost-efficient are considering staff augmentation. This article explores how companies like us here at Atticus Solutions can help recession-proof your business with the help of staff augmentation services. Keep reading to learn more!

Work with Mid to Senior Professionals for Lower Rates

Work with Mid to Senior Professionals for Lower Rates

There are instances where unexpected projects arise. In these cases, it’s common for your people to already be occupied with other business-critical jobs — especially when you’re tight on manpower. However, finding someone to fill this open chair is a challenge. After all, companies in the US pay hundreds of thousands a year just for US-based IT employees, such as software developers. The good thing is that with staff augmentation services, you don’t have to. They provide a solution to your employment problem that doesn’t have to be on-site — and more importantly, doesn’t cost up to a quarter-million dollars per year.Staff augmentation services allow you to acquire experienced professionals that are fit for these projects. This is especially useful when you’re looking for high-level technologists, who are difficult to find on your own. With Atticus, we have the connections needed to source the talent you need, and they can do so on demand. Once onboarded, these professionals will work with you remotely, and allow you to leverage their skills for as long or as short a period as you need them! This way, you can help your company meet project demands, while still lowering costs during a recession.

Work with Professionals Equipped with Emerging Technologies like NetSuite

Staying agile and competitive in today’s market means utilizing the latest technologies in your field. That said, these tools are advancing at an unprecedented rate — meaning IT professionals will need considerable training to stay up-to-date. To use these tools well, then you need to have people on your team that know-how. More often than not, however, not all your employees are equipped with the right skills or know-how to maximize the use of these tools. Trying to close this gap in-house will take a significant investment on your part. Likewise, it’s not easy to find an employee with the specific IT skills and certifications you need. In the United States, the demand for this has increased as companies try to keep up with the latest ERP systems like NetSuite. This makes it difficult to find the right employees for the job. This is another area where our staff augmentation services can help out. With the help of this service, companies can tap and hire people with the talents and skills they need. IT professionals in the United States are a rare find, and when you find them, it can be quite expensive. That’s why many turn to us at Atticus Solutions to provide them with qualified professionals at cheaper rates. At Atticus Solutions, we are able to provide companies with Filipino IT talents with the NetSuite certifications you need. Over 30 of our talents alone possess the certification for the NetSuite Suite foundation. We also have Certified Public Accountants with the NetSuite experience you need to manage your financial data on the system.

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Avoid Staff Burnout

Avoid Staff Burnout

Letting go of nonessential employees is inevitable — especially during a global recession. During times like this, companies are also reluctant to hire new people because of budget constraints. At the same time, it is common for their remaining employees to wear multiple hats in order to keep the company afloat. When overworked, employees become more stressed. With too much work on their hands, it can turn into burnout. This can be a reason for them to underperform or even leave the company. To avoid this, you can turn to staff augmentation services. Hiring staff through Atticus Solutions allows you to grow your staff with the right professional at any time. You are provided with a quick and cost-efficient solution while keeping your employees motivated to work. With offshore staff members on board, your companies are able to focus on their own tasks, minimizing the stress in the workplace.

Key Takeaway

A global recession has many effects on a business and its employees. It's during these times when you’ll need to get creative to cut on expenses while still maintaining productivity at work — enter staff augmentation services. With this unique way of hiring, you can provide your company with qualified professionals who are ready to work right away! Contact us here at Atticus Solutions for our staff augmentation services. We can provide you with NetSuite Consultants from the Philippines and many more! Our talent pool is filled with mid to senior-level professionals ready to help you and your business.

Download the Salary Guide to compare average salaries of top NetSuite ERP professionals.

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