Skills to Look for Your NetSuite Admin Support

May 14, 2023
Skills for NetSuite Admin Support: expertise in NetSuite, data management, customization, troubleshooting, and user training.

What are the skills you should look for a NetSuite admin support?

  1. Well-versed in NetSuite technical aspects
  2. Effective and clear communicator
  3. Well-organized in standardizing your company’s data
  4. Strong understanding of NetSuite’s complex issues

No one likes to experience disappointment. This is particularly important in business when you hire offshore employees who are supposed to help you improve various business processes. So, how do you avoid disappointment? Simple — you look for a certain skillset in a professional. So what skills should NetSuite Admin support have? Here we dive into what you must look for in hiring your staff. Remember the role of these NetSuite professionals is critical in managing, maintaining, and optimizing your NetSuite platform. They allow your business to achieve its goals and stay ahead of its competitors, which is very important in the ever-changing business world.

Well-Versed in NetSuite Technical Aspects

When it comes to any ERP software, especially NetSuite, you can’t leave it up to just anybody. You need to have trained professionals in various technical aspects. In the case of NetSuite, you’ll need to look for those with certification. This proves that the person has gone through the training needed to manage and support an organization’s NetSuite Solution. Here are some NetSuite Certifications for you to look out for in your admin support:

  • SuiteFoundation Certification - A professional with this certificate has a fundamental understanding of NetSuite and its capabilities. It is required for an individual to have this if they want to become a NetSuite Certified Administrator.
  • Administrator Certification - This shows employers that an individual can not only manage but also support the NetSuite of any organization. Individuals with this understand accounting practices and the advanced features of the ERP solution.

Aside from certification, this support staff also has other responsibilities: they stay on top of the latest NetSuite functions, especially during NetSuite’s bi-annual releases. This way, they can help you take advantage of the new features of NetSuite. Apart from this, here are the technical skills that the NetSuite admin support professionals must possess:

  • Modifying and creating custom user roles
  • Creating and publishing custom dashboards for specific or group users
  • Giving real-time access to business-critical key performance indicators
  • Assisting your company in the creation of reports
  • Knowledgeable in integrating and managing your data using NetSuite’s advanced customization tools
  • Importing your company’s data to the software

Effective and Clear Communicator

Effective and Clear Communicator

Since these NetSuite professionals are responsible for ensuring that your business operations run smoothly, it’s important to ensure that they have effective and good verbal and written communication skills, so that it’ll be easier for them to explain their solutions to the unique requirements of your business and translate them into actionable solutions. Apart from this, they must have exceptional communication skills since they often work with various people in your company, including executives, managers, and end-users. They will be constantly interacting with them to identify and resolve NetSuite issues, configure the system, and then implement necessary changes. Therefore, having a team of NetSuite admin support professionals with exceptional communication skills ensures they’re on the same page with everyone in your company.

Well-Organized in Standardizing Your Company’s Data

Transferring your company’s data to software is not an easy task. At the helm of this operation should be a qualified and organized person. You’ll want to find someone who can not only do the job but also stay on top of things while doing so. Why? There are so many things admin support will be doing. Here are just some of them:

  • NetSuite implementation, integration, and regression testing
  • Data import and migration
  • Checking NetSuite ERP, CRM, eCommerce, and other NetSuite modules
  • Using SuiteAnalytics, SuiteBuilder, and SuiteCloud platforms

With all of these important tasks on their plate, they’ll need to learn how to manage their time and accomplish the tasks required of them.

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Strong Understanding of NetSuite’s Complex Issues

Strong Understanding of NetSuite’s Complex Issues

Just like any other program, there are common yet complex issues that can happen on NetSuite. Its issues can be highly intricate and multi-faceted since it is an enterprise-level system. That’s why it has a large number of modules and features that can be customized to fit your specific needs. When they arise, admin support should be able to troubleshoot these problems. Beyond knowledge and understanding of NetSuite, be sure to find someone who is a:

  • Critical thinker
  • Problem solver
  • Team player

These skills combined with their knowledge of the NetSuite will allow them to go above and beyond when faced with problems.

Hire the Best NetSuite Admin Support from Atticus Solutions

If you decide to outsource skilled NetSuite admin support from Atticus Solutions, we’ll make sure your NetSuite ERP system works seamlessly for your company after its implementation. Here are the following services that our Filipino NetSuite admin support offers:

  • NetSuite problem troubleshooting
  • NetSuite features training
  • NetSuite new release support
  • Custom scripting and coding
  • Form designs
  • Workflow improvement
  • Day-to-day admin support
  • Process documentation
  • Provide ongoing services and technical support for end-users of the NetSuite software

Here at Atticus Solutions, we believe that NetSuite is the best platform that can help your business run more effectively. That’s why we only offer the best, most skilled, and certified NetSuite admin support professionals in the Philippines.

Key Takeaway

The success of a NetSuite implementation largely depends on the skills that your NetSuite admin support team has. When your team has the aforementioned skills, you’re guaranteed that the system will run smoothly. If you’re looking for NetSuite professionals in the Philippines, look no further than Atticus Solutions! Our certified Filipino NetSuite professionals are driven with all the essential skills you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact Atticus Solutions here for more information.

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