Are you a NetSuite partner? Here are 4 Signs You Need to Outsource NetSuite Talent

May 7, 2022
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Cloud technology has changed the way we operate on a day to day basis. Our lives have adapted to this technology and businesses are no exemption. Businesses - no matter the size and wherever they are in their journey - are compelled to migrate to the cloud to increase their operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and streamline processes. One of the tools that is proven useful to businesses is NetSuite.NetSuite is a unified business suite that provides easy access to all your critical business functions and business data in one place. It includes enterprise resource planning, financial management and accounting, e-commerce, customer relationship management, inventory and warehouse management, and many more.

NetSuite Talents To OutSource

When you decide to implement NetSuite, there are some roles you need to fill in. It’s essential to have an administrator, developer, and consultant that are trained in how to work with the different functions of NetSuite. Below is a brief explanation of each:

NetSuite Administrator

The NetSuite administrator ensures that the NetSuite software is properly configured and maintained — allowing your business to make the most out of the features, improve workflow, and achieve your business goals. They’re the center of your NetSuite team and ensure that the backend functions correctly and also provide technical support when needed.

NetSuite Developer

NetSuite is highly customizable, so it can be tailored to your specific business needs. This is made possible by a NetSuite developer who can take your requirements and make them into programs and extensions — ensuring a high-performing system that improves your workflow.

NetSuite Consultant

A NetSuite consultant will work with your business throughout the development life cycle of the NetSuite software. They will seek to understand your business requirements, implement a strategy, and work with other teams to provide custom solutions that match your needs. They’re responsible for managing the NetSuite system for your company, taking care of technical details, and providing training and continuous support to your staff and organization.Sourcing for these 3 roles may prove to be difficult, considering the ongoing IT skills gap globally, not to mention the challenge of retaining these key talents. Outsourcing to an expert NetSuite talent provider may help solve this. But is outsourcing really a strategic move? In this article, you will learn the signs your business needs to outsource NetSuite talents and services.

What are the signs that your business needs to outsource NetSuite talent?

  1. No NetSuite expertise available
  2. Rising costs
  3. Getting tied down by daily NetSuite tasks
  4. NetSuite consultants keep leaving to be independent consultants
  5. Letting go of opportunities to start new projects

Signs That You Need To Outsource NetSuite Talent

You can train an in-house team to make the most out of the features of NetSuite. But if you see the following signs, it might be time to outsource NetSuite talents instead.

Rising Costs

Rising Costs

While hiring in-house NetSuite talent is entirely possible, you will need to spend money and time on recruitment, onboarding, training, retention, rent, and equipment. Consider the fact that businesses nowadays cost more to maintain as the global market prices are changing.To reduce costs while benefiting from the features of NetSuite, outsourcing talents makes more sense. This way, you will have access to NetSuite professionals that are already trained, certified, and experienced in being an administrator, developer, or consultant. You don’t need to worry about recruitment, onboarding, or continuous training as the outsourcing partner can do all these for you.

Getting Tied Down By Daily NetSuite Tasks

Customizing and configuring NetSuite can be time-consuming especially if you don’t have previous experience. If you find yourself spending less and less time on other core functions of your business, it’s time to outsource a NetSuite expert to remove the NetSuite tasks from your hands. This way, you can divert your attention to developing your business.

NetSuite Consultants Keep Leaving To Be Independent Consultants

NetSuite Consultants Keep Leaving To Be Independent Consultants

Once they have gained experience, some NetSuite consultants have the tendency to leave their companies to become independent consultants. This gives them more flexibility because they’re not limited to only a single project, client, and job hours. If you intend to keep them, you have to provide benefits that can encourage them to stay. This can be expensive in the long run.The solution is to outsource talents from a company that focuses on NetSuite. Here at Atticus, we can match you with consultants that are experts in the field. You don’t need to worry about NetSuite consultants leaving you in the middle of an important project because outsourcing them to us means that you’ll always have access to talented professionals.We are a company that is NetSuite focused and capable, which means that we have the capabilities and experience to manage NetSuite admins, developers, and consultants. We know the market standards for salary, experience, and qualifications, so rest assured that you will receive services that offer the best value for your money. You can leave the recruitment, onboarding, and training to us.

Letting Go Of Opportunities To Start New Projects

If you don’t have enough NetSuite bandwidth or capacity, you might have no choice but to let go of opportunities to start new projects. Worry no more because outsourcing can help you to complete projects from start to finish with the help of an administrator, developer, and consultant. Outsourcing ensures that you only get on-time project deliveries as SLAs are put into place to make sure that your team is meeting their targets.Here at Atticus, we allow for project-basis work so you don’t get tied down by contracts. We have formed a team of project-based technical and functional consultants to ensure you always have the capacity to take on new opportunities. Not only will you get your projects delivered right when you need them, but you also get the right talent to get the job done.Used by thousands of fast-growing companies around the world, NetSuite can help you run your business and monitor its performance while improving efficiency and reducing costs. NetSuite operates on a software as a service (SaaS) model, which means that you can pay on a subscription basis to access the features you need. But the advantage of this is that you don’t have to worry about maintenance, as NetSuite will do them all for you.Implementing and using NetSuite can be complicated, especially if you don’t have access to the right talents. You might notice several signs that your business needs to outsource NetSuite like the ones above. To solve these, you can outsource certified and NetSuite-capable professionals by sending us a message here at Atticus today!

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