5 Reasons To Offshore Software Development

December 24, 2021
Two individuals engrossed in coding on their laptops, highlighting the benefits of offshore software development in 5 points.

What are the reasons to offshore software development?

  1. Cost savings
  2. Easier access to a highly-skilled talent pool
  3. Focus on core business functions
  4. Meet deadlines faster
  5. Manage peak workload times

In this era filled with technological developments, every business needs to look for ways to improve operations to remain competitive and increase market share. Unfortunately, when demand increases and as more tech trends come out, most companies fail to keep up and lose the opportunity to grow. All these situations are driving many business owners to offshore their software development function. We’ve rounded up 5 reasons to offshore software development for your organization's benefit. Offshoring involves delegating specific operational tasks to third-party firms abroad. In this case, the specific task at hand is software development. Offshoring software development proves to be a smart solution as it reduces costs while maintaining product/service quality and frees up time so the team can focus on core business functions. Have you ever looked into offshore IT staffing in the Philippines? If not, we rounded up several reasons why you should consider it. Read on!

Cost Savings

The primary reason why most companies are opting to offshore software development is that it allows them to save more money extensively.Offshoring involves delegating tasks to a third-party firm abroad. This allows you to reduce costs from recruiting new in-house employees. On top of that, you can opt out of paying for training, salary, and other benefits such as paid sick leaves, insurance, and retirement.Moreover, if you offshore software development functions to other countries, you can benefit from further cost savings because of lower labor wages.For example, the salary rate for software development in the Philippines is 40% to 60% cheaper than in countries like Hong Kong, Australia, the USA, Europe, and Canada. This means you can get a full-suite software development service for a lower price point.

Easier Access To A Highly-Skilled Talent Pool

Easier Access To A Highly-Skilled Talent Pool

Offshoring your software development project exposes you to a highly-skilled talent pool. Keep in mind that handling software development tasks is challenging and requires extensive knowledge about programming, bug fixing, testing and evaluating programs, and more. It also involves working closely with other IT teams such as UX designers and systems analysts.With offshoring, you can ensure you find team members that match your job requirements. Geographical location does not limit your recruitment process. Your primary recruitment criteria can be the employee’s software development skills, not their proximity to your office.There’s no doubt that some companies abroad are at the forefront of software development. Take the Philippines as an example. The country is known to produce hundreds of thousands of highly skilled and competitive IT graduates every year. It is one of the main reasons why many companies choose to offshore software development to the Philippines.

Focus on Core Business Functions

When pressured to keep up with innovations, companies often end up neglecting the very thing that brings them success — their core business functions. There is always a unique competitive point or expertise that distinguishes a company and yields income.But if software development is not your expertise, it can end up being a time-consuming and cost-intensive task. Instead of focusing on adding value to your business, you can spend hours and more money on coding programs or fixing bugs.With offshoring, however, you can delegate the software development task to professionals from abroad. You can rest assured the job will be done with quality in mind because offshoring involves hiring well-seasoned employees. They are the ones who will meet all your software development needs.

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Meet Deadlines Faster

Meet Deadlines Faster

When it comes to software development, timely presentation to your end-users is a crucial factor for its success in the market. Let’s say you have an IT company and need to release new software — the faster you market it properly, the more customers you may acquire.With offshored software development services, you can be sure that you'll be working with a team keen on meeting tight and critical deadlines. Since offshore employees are well-experienced software development projects team members, they can follow more agile methods and complete your delegated tasks in much less time.Another reason to offshore software development is that it takes advantage of time zone differentials. All projects have deadlines, which can be stressful. But with software development offshoring, the delivery output can be completed by taking advantage of the time zone differential.For example, the Philippines is 16 hours ahead of the US. Clients in the US will usually end their day while offshore teams in the Philippines will only start theirs. The result is that you get to fast-track your software development. Moreover, the risk of in-house employee burnout can be reduced with less deadline pressure.

Manage Peak Workload Times

Sometimes, businesses end up compromising workloads when demand increases and reaches its peak. In such a situation, offshoring can be a valuable solution.To reduce the risk of software development errors, companies can turn to offshore services to assume control of the task. With no downtime, your business will be able to better meet customers’ expectations. A reputable offshoring partner will do everything to develop the highest quality software for your end-users. You can easily align your company’s workflow in this way.

Key Takeaway

There are plenty of reasons to offshore software development. When you hire an offshore software development company, you can benefit from a professional staff that meets your IT needs while keeping costs down. You can also concentrate on your core business functions better.Atticus Solutions is the leading offshore software development service provider in the Philippines. Our expert-vetted tech professionals can fill your talent gaps and add overall value to your business. For more inquiries, you can contact us by clicking here! We currently cater to SaaS startups and cloud technology companies.

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