Project-based NetSuite Consultant vs Regular NetSuite Consultant

June 22, 2022
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NetSuite is a comprehensive cloud-based software solution that integrates key areas of your organization — such as accounts, purchasing, HR, and many others. With such powerful software, you need someone who fully understands the system, so you can integrate it properly within your organization. Fortunately, a NetSuite consultant can help you with this so you do not have to do it alone. In this case, you have two choices — a project-based NetSuite consultant or a regular NetSuite consultant.A project-based NetSuite consultant will work for a specific number of weeks or months, or until the project is finished. On the other hand, a regular NetSuite consultant doesn’t have an end date for their employment and may last for years.A regular employee is a good choice if you want someone to be a permanent part of your team. In this case, you have to be in charge of their training and management. You also have to offer an attractive compensation package — which includes salary and benefits — so you can retain the employee for a long period.On the other hand, hiring a project-based employee is recommended if you need an expert for a fixed amount of time — such as during seasonal peaks when the workload is too heavy for your current employees or when a team member suddenly leaves. Project-based NetSuite consultants work according to the number of hours agreed upon signing the contract.

Problems Solved By Project-Based Consultants

Problems Solved By Project-Based Consultants

A project-based consultant can help you solve a variety of problems in your business and NetSuite. Here are some things they can help you with:

Help With Overall Management Of NetSuite

A NetSuite consultant’s main role is to develop and create customizations for NetSuite according to your business needs. They can also help you with your enhancement and maintenance requirements. Because of their deep understanding of NetSuite together with their experience, they can offer advice on how to best maximize NetSuite in your business. The advantage of this is that you do not have to spend your own time and energy into the day-to-day tasks of a consultant so you can focus more on growing the business.

Prevent Delays In Your NetSuite Project

Having a surge of projects and requests can be a big problem for NetSuite partners with little available capability. Delays in projects can occur, much to the frustration of the clients. Fortunately, a project-based NetSuite consultant can help you fill the needed work position immediately — whether you’re experiencing an increase in demand or covering for the long-term absence of employees. This enables you to prevent delays in the completion of your NetSuite project. On the other hand, hiring regular employees takes a significant amount of time — from recruitment, training, onboarding, and business-as-usual.

Give You The Opportunity To Be Flexible

Since NetSuite consultants are available on a project basis, it gives you flexibility when it comes to scaling the business. Project-based consultants help businesses scale up or down depending on the business’ capability and competitiveness. Need temporary help for project surge? Not ready to hire someone full time? Part-time, project-based NetSuite consultants can fill the gap!

Offer A Fresh Perspective When You’re Stuck

Project-based NetSuite consultants can offer a new perspective on your project that long-time employees might not think of. Since you’re bringing in outside talent with experience working with other clients, you can benefit from the new ideas and experience they can bring to your team. Because of their experience, they can help you solve problems and find new opportunities in your project.

Give You The Best Value For Your Money

Hiring project-based NetSuite consultants allows you to save money on the hiring process and benefits packages. Since they’re only working for a set time frame, you only need the services you need! This allows you to better budget your resources for your business.

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How Atticus Can Help: The Atticus DNA

How Atticus Can Help: The Atticus DNA

If you’re interested in hiring a project-based NetSuite consultant, you can rely on us here at Atticus! Below are some reasons why many companies choose us:


We have experience in managing NetSuite talents. Our NetSuite team members are chosen based on their skills and experience. This includes soft skills that encourage them to be more helpful to your business. We only offer well-researched and competitive packages in the market.


We can quickly adapt to changes that we might encounter, allowing us to succeed in every situation we find ourselves in! Our processes are always evolving to provide you with the best service you need.


We value collaboration in our organization. All members, from the owners, team leaders, and staff, work together to face challenges. This value is extended to our clients as well because we can work with your internal team to make the NetSuite project a success.


We continuously find new ways to learn, so we can have the skills to help you grow your business. Instead of looking at gaps as problems, we turn them into opportunities to learn and find the best solutions.Choosing between a project-based NetSuite consultant and a regular NetSuite consultant will depend on the current needs of your company. But if you need a NetSuite expert that can help manage a NetSuite system, prevent costly delays, can offer a fresh perspective, and offer you the best value for your money, a project-based consultant is the better choice.Hire a part-time, project-based NetSuite consultant with Atticus now by contacting us here! We can match you with the right consultant that has the expertise and experience when it comes to the overall management of the NetSuite system.

Download the Salary Guide to compare average salaries of top NetSuite ERP professionals.

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