Onshore vs Offshore NetSuite Consultants: What is the Best Staffing Solution for your Company

February 5, 2023
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What’s the best staffing solution for your company?

  1. Offshore NetSuite consultants offer more affordable rates
  2. Offshore NetSuite consultants have larger workforces
  3. Offshore NetSuite consultants have access to a wide range of skills

There are times when companies find themselves needing an extra pair of helpinghands, especially for projects involving NetSuite. When this time comes, they findthemselves choosing between onshore vs offshore NetSuite consultants is challengingfor most industries. This article explores which staffing solution is the better choice.We’ll cover both to help you make an informed decision. Let’s get started!

Onshore vs Offshore NetSuite Consultants: A Detailed Comparison

Onshore vs Offshore NetSuite Consultants: What isthe Best Staffing Solution for your Company

Let’s understand what each term means and let’s know everything about onshoring andoffshoring NetSuite consultants!

Onshore NetSuite Consultants

Onshoring NetSuite consultants basically refers to NetSuite consultants that you hirewithin your own country to help you carry out NetSuite services such as its appdevelopment, payroll processes, business maps, etc.For instance, a Philippine-based IT company may outsource its software services toonshore NetSuite consultants located in the Philippines, like Pasig City. This companyhires NetSuite consultants for onshore software development, maintenance, support,etc.

Offshore NetSuite Consultants

In the simplest explanation, offshore NetSuite consultants refer to NetSuite consultantsthat a company hires outside their home country. Various industries may chooseoffshore NetSuite consultants for tax benefits, cost savings, and favorable businesslaws, which means it involves hiring third-party consultants outside your country.For example, an American company looking to outsource NetSuite consultants fromAtticus Solutions in the Philippines helps them find the best consultant professionals ata cost-effective rate.Understanding each is important in determining which solution is the best fit for yourcompany’s NetSuite development needs. Let’s see which is better!

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Offshore NetSuite Consultants Offer More Affordable Rates

Hiring local NetSuite consultants is more expensive due to the local economy. However,paying more doesn't ensure high-quality expertise, and paying less doesn't mean lowquality. In reality, offshore NetSuite consulting is popular in the Philippines. In fact,hiring offshore NetSuite consultants is in demand in the Philippines.Different companies from the US turn to Atticus Solutions’ offshore NetSuite consultantsas a way to save money. We offer them our pool of experts and qualified consultants inspecific areas of expertise to make our services more affordable without compromisingthe work.

Offshore NetSuite Consultants Have Larger Workforces

Atticus Solutions offer larger workforces of NetSuite consultants than those who provideonshore for several reasons. First, we have more qualified professionals from our talentpool who are ready to take on any projects. Second, our Netsuite consultants work inmany countries for far less money than what other consultants are used to being paid inother countries like the U.S.A.This approach provides cost-effective labor, allowing companies to easily hire ouroffshore NetSuite consultants. As a result, we have a ready pool of experts available towork when companies require their services. All of this results in faster projectcompletion times.

Offshore NetSuite Consultants Have Access to a Wide Range of Skills

Offshore NetSuite Consultants Have Access to a Wide Range of Skills

Ultimately, the global community offers a wider pool of talent beyond your company'shome country, including skilled NetSuite consultants. Outsourcing these consultantsexpands access to a wider range of resources, including experts with unique,unparalleled skills, such as those offered by Atticus Solutions' offshore NetSuite team.If you’re worried that communication may become a real challenge, don’t be. Ouroffshore NetSuite consultants’ communication skills are exceptionally good. We believethat good communication is a way of effectively collaborating with clients. They aretrained to explain even the most complicated ideas in a way that others will understand.Our NetSuite consultants can guide you through and explain what needs to be done toyour various projects. On top of that, all workers in our talent pool are fluent in English,making communication easier and faster.What’s more, we are aware of the cultural differences of each country and this will notbe a hindrance to performing and delivering the right services you need with the help ofour offshore NetSuite consultants. Lastly, we have an adaptable and performative poolof NetSuite consultants that can work even in different time zones.

Key Takeaway

Offshore NetSuite consultants not only help you cut costs and accelerate turnaroundtimes, but also reap the benefits of NetSuite to another level. Meanwhile, onshoreNetSuite consultants have expensive rates.We hope this blog about onshore vs offshore NetSuite consultants helps you determinethe best solution for your company.At Atticus Solutions, we can help you connect and work with highly qualified and skilledNetSuite consultants. Don’t hesitate to book a consultation with us, and we’ll help yougain the best Filipino consultants for your business needs!

Long-Term Costs
Cost-effective for skilled talent
Cost-effective but needs initial investment
High, offers control and flexibility
Moderate, reduces overhead
Initial training and technology
Highest initial and ongoing costs
Access to nearby skilled talent
Large global talent pool
Maximum control over operations
Download the Salary Guide to compare average salaries of top NetSuite ERP professionals.
Key Differences
Not over PHP 250,000
Not over USD 434.49
Over PHP 250,000 but not over PHP 400,000
15% of the excess over PHP 250,000
Over USD 434.49 but not over USD 695.18
Over PHP 400,000 but not over PHP 800,000
PHP 22,500 + 20% of the excess over PHP 400,000
Over USD 695.18 but not over USD 1,390.36
Over PHP 800,000 but not over PHP 2,000,000
PHP 102,500 + 25% of the excess over PHP 800,000
Over USD 1,390.36 but not over USD 34,759.04

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