4 NetSuite Implementation Challenges

June 9, 2022
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NetSuite implementation is a challenge for end users because it requires the cooperation of different teams within an organization. But the main issue is that each of these departments has its own set of priorities other than the implementation. Other than that, there are still organizations that prefer to stick to their old processes because these are what they’ve gotten used to and are comfortable with. In this article, we explore the different NetSuite implementation challenges any business - whether you’re a NetSuite end user or a partner - can face. Moreover, we examine a solution that can potentially solve these NetSuite implementation challenges.

What are the different NetSuite implementation challenges you might face?

  1. Getting users and functional groups to change their ways
  2. Project planning and management
  3. Data cleansing and integration
  4. Change management

NetSuite Implementation Challenges

Getting Users And Functional Groups To Change Their Ways

Implementation of NetSuite is a multi-phase project that involves redesigning processes, configuring the software, migrating large amounts of business data, and training end-users. However, implementation of new technologies can be challenging for organizations that have become too comfortable with old processes.To realize the benefits of NetSuite’s capabilities, it’s a requirement to change the way an organization and its employees work. Longstanding manual processes are often replaced with more efficient and automated processes. This can take time because it requires a shift in mindset and daily work processes for numerous people.

Project Planning And Management

Project Planning And Management

Implementing NetSuite in an organization is not an overnight process. It has multiple stages — from planning, development, testing, deployment, support, and more. Because of having multiple moving parts, projects can easily get sidetracked from the original purpose.To be successful, the implementation project needs cooperation from all the groups and their members involved. This is a challenge since the different departments have their other functional priorities to deal with aside from the project responsibilities.

Data Cleansing and Integration

One of the key benefits of NetSuite is that it can provide organizations with a centralized source of data. But before this benefit can be experienced, data migration is needed. This involves moving large amounts of data from older systems into the new NetSuite database; and this is much more complicated than it sounds.Data migration can require time and effort, especially if the business data is spread across the organization — in different systems, applications, and even paper. After locating these data sources, the next step is to perform data cleansing. It’s not unlikely that there are duplicates from different departments. Other than that, inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and obsolete information might also be present, so the quality of the data needs to be ensured.

Change Management

Change Management

Implementing NetSuite involves overhauling business processes. With this system, processes can be automated so efficiency can be improved in an organization. This could be a significant change for many employees, which makes it more challenging to implement. There could be a resistance to change in an organization, which could be a problem.

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Solution: Tap the Experts!

Encountering challenges while implementing NetSuite is normal. Fortunately, tapping experts for help can help overcome these issues. Here are some of the benefits of this solution:

Get Access To A Talent Pool Of Netsuite Experts

By handing over NetSuite implementation to experts, there would be fewer worries when it comes to strategizing, deploying, and managing the new software system. Here at Atticus, we already have a team of professionals who are in place and ready to go. These people are NetSuite certified or trained, so they are ready to jump into a project when needed.

Access To Customized Solutions

We can assist with NetSuite implementation, whether it’s data migration, scoping for requirements, user training, scripting, and more. We can help customize the modules and/or workflows to match business requirements. We have performed numerous project implementations throughout the years and helped several businesses.

Focus On Growing Your Business

Our clients can leave difficult implementation tasks to us and focus on growing the business instead. With our expertise, we can help free up time and focus on this multi-phase project so our clients can get back on what they do best.

Provides You With The Capacity To Get Projects Done

NetSuite implementation can be challenging, especially for organizations that have limited knowledge and resources on how to do it right. We can help get projects done, so our clients can achieve their original purpose for implementing NetSuite.

On-time Delivery

We will work based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) so our clients will know what to expect when it comes to results. This can make it easier for organizations to achieve their targets and milestones.

Makes Business Operations Easier

Our Atticus managed service model is designed to only take up as little time as needed from our clients. By getting the help of our project-based experts, we can help make business operations easier without disruption. Get full time results without having to hire someone permanently!

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What Makes Atticus Different: The Atticus DNA

Here are some of the reasons why our clients choose us:


Atticus has more than 25 years of combined experience when it comes to NetSuite. We have the experience when it comes to implementation, custom solutions, administration, and customer support.Other than that, we have the experience when it comes to managing expert NetSuite professionals. We have well-researched and competitive packages in the market that are made to be attractive to any NetSuite talent. Aside from technical skills, we also emphasize soft skills that would help our team be more invested in your business.


Our size enables us to adapt and quickly find solutions to challenges that we might encounter. This adaptability and agility help us deliver the right solution for different business requirements. We also make sure to constantly upgrade our processes based on our clients’ changing needs.

Growth centeredness

To better help our clients, we make sure that every member of our team is involved in learning new things. We look for opportunities at gaps instead of problems.


All members of our company collaborate to face challenges and problems that may come our way. This approach is extended to our clients, so we can work well with internal teams.NetSuite takes time and effort to implement, but the benefits your organization will reap will be worth it. That’s why instead of doing everything on your own, we can help you take on the different NetSuite implementation challenges, so your company can focus on other priorities as well.If you’re interested in the implementation, support, and administration of NetSuite, feel free to book a discovery call with us soon.

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