2 Ways that NetSuite Customization Services Can Help Your Netsuite Investment

December 7, 2022
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No business or corporation is alike, even when in the same industry. Each has its own distinct set of operations aligned with its own goals and vision. With an  ERP like NetSuite installed, the software must be customized to meet their individual needs. NetSuite Customization Services allows companies to tailor fit the platform to their needs. It adds more valuable features to help meet the demands of various companies and improve its overall performance. This article tackles the different ways NetSuite Customization Services help your business make the most of its investment. Keep reading to learn more!

What are NetSuite Customization Services?

NetSuite uses a unified data model. This means that the entire cloud platform already has functions built on a single source code. However, NetSuite also allows customizations and add-ons to enhance the system. Through these tailor-fitted functions, businesses can further secure and simplify the NetSuite platform for their needs. NetSuite Customization Services create new functions that can be integrated into the standard configuration of the software. This is done through third-party applications and dashboards depending on the problem that needs to be addressed.


This integration tool is used to combine third-party stems with NetSuite. It can also be used to build website-to-NetSuite integrations. To integrate systems into NetSuite, it uses a Simple Object Access Protocol that sends requests both to and from NetSuite. SuiteTalk can also be used to create applications. This is possible because it provides the necessary support for programming languages. The tool can perform essential actions because of its pre-existing operation. This allows results to be clear and consistent on NetSuite. Using this tool, you can manage the login credentials of various users and perform saved searches.


Through this platform, your NetSuite software is given access to complete automation. This also includes the customization of business procedures. Using a JavaScript base, NetSuite experts can configure and create various business functions tailored to a company’s workflows. This can be based on the business’ feasibility so that they can increase productivity on the software.


This customization tool allows businesses from different industries to integrate a user-friendly interface as well as functions onto NetSuite. It can also improve NetSuite reporting to make configuration more efficient. For businesses who use NetSuite to build their website, SuiteBuilder allows them to design their site and process various apps together.

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Customized Operation Processes

Customized Operation Processes

NetSuite customization features allow it to be used by almost any business. Through the various customization features, NetSuite can be optimized and used in a company’s daily operations. NetSuite experts can help you provide a more user-friendly interface for employees to use with ease. From there, various tasks and projects can be managed to provide a centralized location for all company departments. They can also integrate add-ons that are compatible with NetSuite to maintain the standards set by their respective industries.

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Data Personalization

To take customization further, NetSuite experts can also personalize the users on the Platform. This is done by providing personalization of your company roles. This way, workers will be able to see what tasks are assigned to their department. Take the accountants as an example. On the NetSuite platform, they will be given access to the all necessary financial information of the company customized to their preferences. Customizations can hide unnecessary workflows to their systems if needed as well. This feature makes it easier for many companies to focus on their projects. In addition to that, security and safety are added to a company’s projects.  Company roles are limited to certain process workflows across different departments. Only specific employees, managers, and supervisors will be given access to certain dashboards and functions.

Why Hire Your NetSuite Consultants and Contractors from Atticus Solutions?

At Atticus Solutions, we provide you with the most suitable NetSuite Optimization Services that deliver positive growth for your business. Our talent pool is filled with mid to senior-level professionals, ready to take on your NetSuite demands. It may take time to find an available NetSuite expert among your current pool of employees. With our team, we provide you with services immediately on a project-based or continuous support by subscription. On top of that, our NetSuite experts possess the necessary certifications and experience needed for the job. These include:

  • NetSuite Administrator certification
  • NetSuite ERP Consultant certification
  • NetSuite SuiteFoundation certification
  • NetSuite SuiteCloud developer certification

This ensures that they have all gone through the necessary training and courses needed to work on various NetSuite projects.

Key Takeaway

NetSuite Customization allows your company to maximize its investment in the all-in-one cloud platform. With the help of trained and certified professionals, you can provide your business with the best possible automated processes and functions for daily operations. If you’re looking to optimize your NetSuite software, contact us here today at Atticus Solutions! We are ready to listen to what you want for your company in terms of NetSuite support and staffing needs.

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