Why are NetSuite Consultants from the Philippines in Demand?

January 16, 2023
In-demand NetSuite Consultants from the Philippines shown by Asian woman in call center with headset.

Why should you hire NetSuite Consultants in the Philippines?

  1. There is a big pool of IT and NetSuite specialists in the Philippines
  2. They possess excellent communication skills and are customer-oriented
  3. They offer lower rates yet high-quality work
  4. Filipinos have a good disposition toward work
  5. Filipinos are fluent in English

There are many times when hiring a NetSuite consultant in the Philippines would be beneficial for your business. They can easily address any bottlenecks you may be experiencing. These professionals can also help the company set up new software like ERP solutions or barcode inventory systems when necessary. Whatever the case, they help boost your productivity and efficiency. When choosing their consultant, businesses have chosen companies like Atticus Solutions to provide them with the best accountants and IT specialists for the job. The past year has shown that consultants from the Philippines have been constantly in demand for the job, just as much as IT professionals have been sought after by many. This article explains why NetSuite consultants from the Philippines are in demand by many companies in the United States. Keep reading to learn more!

There is a big pool of IT and NetSuite specialists in the Philippines

There is a big pool of IT and NetSuite specialists in the Philippines

It’s no secret that many IT workers in the United States have started to go independent. Because of this, the wage rates for these employees have skyrocketed in recent years. This makes it difficult for many companies to afford and hire them. As a result, the demand for NetSuite professionals increased across the country. Many companies have had to turn to offshore staffing companies to find the experts they’re looking for without breaking their budget. Fortunately, there is an abundance of IT experts and NetSuite professionals in the Philippines. In fact, the Oracle NetSuite branch in the Philippines is bigger than that in California, USA. With such an extensive presence of Oracle NetSuite, it becomes easier to distribute knowledge about the said ERP software. Our talent pool here at Atticus Solutions is filled with mid- to senior-level functional and technical consultants ready to offer their NetSuite expertise and services. Our effective referral program also allows us to find the top professionals across the country. We have candidates equipped with rare NetSuite skills, including NetSuite connector and suitecommerce.

They possess excellent communication skills and are customer-oriented

Shifting and adapting to a new ERP system can be difficult. Many admit that the software tends to be complex to customize and integrate. It requires months of training because of complex interfaces and multiple configuration layers. To unlock the full potential of your ERP software, it’s best to have a NetSuite Consultant who can walk and guide you through the process.There’s no doubt that communication skills make or break a NetSuite consulting project. If a NetSuite consultant has poor communication skills and the client misinterprets the advice regarding the software that is provided, the client might make poor decisions that end up affecting the business as a whole. When looking for a NetSuite consultant, companies need to make sure that they can properly address the company's inquiries about the software. It may be difficult for many to have a grasp of the software so consultants must be patient and thorough in providing simplified explanations for users. NetSuite consultants are advisers who are paid for their insights. Therefore, they should have excellent communication skills. They must be able to break down complex topics for clients to understand and communicate ideas effectively. When hiring NetSuite consultants from the Philippines, you can expect customer-oriented consultants with excellent communication skills who help you every step of the way. Filipinos are known to be patient, hospitable, loyal, and hardworking people in almost any industry, including IT. They are known for providing exceptional service. But more than that, they have a warm and caring attitude, which they extend to clients. You can expect them to smoothly interact every day. They will take the time to explain to you how each customization works and how they benefit you and your company, resulting in more successful ERP projects and improved operational efficiency.

They offer lower rates yet high-quality work

Many clients are withholding their ERP implementations because of the expenses that come with them. But, many companies know that hiring a Filipino NetSuite consultant means that they don’t need to pay steep prices for labor. Despite these lower rates, Filipino professionals never sacrifice the quality of their work. In the United States, companies can expect to pay over $100,000 a year for a NetSuite professional without their added benefits. Hiring a NetSuite consultant from the Philippines is more cost-effective in comparison. They have the same skills and certifications as NetSuite experts in the US. Yet, on a subscription-based contract, you pay less for NetSuite consultants from the Philippines.

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Filipinos have a good disposition toward work

Filipinos have a good disposition toward work

Filipinos are known by many to be hardworking people. You see many of them working to the bone, especially when they love what they’re doing. This quality of theirs shows why they’ll make the best NetSuite consultants. With the experience and knowledge they possess on top of these traits, they can provide your company with the best output needed for the project they’ll be working on. This is what makes Filipino professionals wanted by many on a global scale.

Filipinos are Fluent in English

In a customer-centric business world, the ability to communicate well is the biggest reason why NetSuite consultants from the Philippines are in such high demand. It is known by many that Filipinos are excellent English speakers. The Philippines is the 3rd-largest English-speaking country in the world. Thanks to their historical connections with the United States, many of them grew up with English as their second language, if not their first. This is the mode of instruction in their schools and universities across the country. Filipinos also speak with a neutral accent. When working with Filipino NetSuite consultants, you won’t experience difficulty concerning language barriers. You can easily communicate your thoughts and expectations to them. In turn, they’ll also be able to ask questions regarding the project with clarity.

Key Takeaway

Those were just some of the reasons why NetSuite consultants in the Philippines are in demand. Filipinos have shown on a global scale why they are in high demand across different industries, including the accounting and information technology sectors. Atticus Solutions can provide your company with some of the best NetSuite consultants in the Philippines in your time of need. Their talent pool is filled with certified IT professionals ready to start work when needed. Contact us here today and discover why Atticus Solutions provides the best in the industry!

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