4 Misconceptions About Staff Augmentation

July 14, 2022
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What are the common misconceptions about staff augmentation?

  1. Savings are too little to consider
  2. There’s little to no control over projects
  3. Quality of work is reduced
  4. Only short-term benefits are experienced

Staff augmentation has become more popular over recent years. It allows you to temporarily add professionals with the required expertise to your team. This helps you keep up with your business goals even when you’re short on staff or don’t have access to people with certain expertise. But even though staff augmentation has become popular, there are still false beliefs that stop organizations from trying it out. Below are some misconceptions about staff augmentation. Keep on reading!

What Is Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation involves hiring temporary personnel outside your organization to address capacity issues within the business. Augmented staff can come in the form of part-time, project-based contractors that your business can hire for fulfilling business needs. Staff augmentation offers plenty of benefits to any organization. For one, competent augmented staff can quickly add value to a project. Rather than having to hire new employees — which can be costly, you can hire these experts on a per-project basis and pay only for what you need. Staff augmentation allows you to increase or decrease your organization’s workforce on demand, so you can ensure that you always have the people you need — when you urgently need them! It is also a good trial run for hiring full-time employees.

Misconceptions About Staff Augmentation

Many business owners are still unaware or misinformed about staff augmentation and its benefits. Below are some of the most common misconceptions about staff augmentation that needs to be debunked.

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Savings Are Too Little To Consider

Labor is one of the major expenses for any company. For this reason, plenty of business owners look for other solutions to lower their costs. One of the most cost-effective ways to do this is through staff augmentation, but some employers seem to think that it’s either too expensive or that the savings are not that significant to consider.This is a common misconception because what staff augmentation does is allow you to avoid the high costs of hiring and retaining in-house employees — from training, insurance, office supply maintenance, retirement benefits, and many others.Other than that, staff augmentation also allows you to reduce risks caused by hiring the wrong people. Staff augmentation partners use rigorous hiring processes that guarantee your access to great talents.

There’s Little To No Control Over Projects

Some employers have the false impression that staff augmentation gives you little to no control over your projects, since you’re handing them out to a third party. Many believe that the staff augmentation services provider will be the one in full charge of the project. But the truth is that you can work closely with the augmented staff, and have complete control over the course and development of the project. Unless you’re unable to schedule progress meetings and look at performance indicators, lack of control over projects isn’t going to happen. Other than that, staff augmentation teams are taught to work in new environments and adapt to the processes of the organization they need to work with.

Quality Of Work Is Reduced

Another common misconception about staff augmentation is that augmented teams do not produce the same quality of work compared to in-house employees. The myth is that remote work performed by augmented teams is not as efficient, so the project will not provide the results you expected. But this is far from the truth because staff augmentation providers take concerns seriously. Other than that, augmented teams come with a specific set of skills that match your needs, and they’re capable of adding great value to your project. Companies that offer staff augmentation services put their efforts into recruitment processes to ensure the quality of professionals to augment your team.

Only Short-Term Benefits Are Experienced

One of the barriers to staff augmentation is that augmented staff are only able to work within their specific set of skills. Once they do the thing they were hired for, you can no longer find any use for them. The benefits will stop there.While staff augmentation services are contractual, they offer plenty of long-term benefits for your company. For one, your in-house teams will learn a lot from augmented teams — who are experts in what they do. Even when the contractual period is over, valuable knowledge, processes, methods, and approaches can still be used to improve work. Staff augmentation allows you to hire outside help for your urgent needs. The efficiency, speed, and flexibility offered by augmented teams translate into long-term benefits that your company will enjoy.

Key Takeaway

Now that you've understood the truth behind the misconceptions about staff augmentation, you have nothing holding you back to experience its benefits in your organization. Here at Atticus, we are committed to helping SaaS startups and cloud technology partners reach their goals with the right people and the right service. We can provide you with vetted candidates that fit the position you need in the least time possible! We can also help you strategize, deploy, and manage NetSuite, AWS, ServiceNow, and Salesforce. If you’re interested, you can send us a message.

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