NetSuite Management: Hiring In-House Vs Managed Service

June 8, 2022
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NetSuite can help empower an organization by running an entire business from one platform. It can bring together different aspects of a business, which means that it’s easier for leaders to monitor the status and performance of operations. But running the NetSuite solution requires knowledge, skill, and experience — for both users and partners. That’s why you might consider hiring in-house vs managed service for NetSuite management.For users of NetSuite, you might be interested in hiring in-house NetSuite talents to help you run the software. But it’s difficult to find talent onshore, and if you do, you should prepare to shell out a hefty amount of money. For NetSuite partners, not having enough capacity, capability, or bandwidth can be a problem when new projects come in. In this case, you might have to turn down new opportunities.The good news is that there is a solution to both of these problems. You can consider having Atticus manage your NetSuite talent from sourcing to onboarding to business-as-usual! As a NetSuite talent provider, we can help you solve the problems of hiring in-house and get the NetSuite skills and expertise you need.

Problems With Hiring In-House

While it’s possible to hire certified individuals to manage your NetSuite project, there are some downsides to doing so. You need to consider these before making a final decision:

Missing Out On The Talent Of A Team Of Experts

When hiring a NetSuite talent in-house, you should also accept the fact that they will be bound to make mistakes or have gaps in their knowledge — especially if they will be working alone. NetSuite is very wide, which means that it’s nearly impossible to find someone who knows all aspects of the NetSuite ecosystem. This is also the case when you hire someone who doesn’t have much experience managing NetSuite.

Risk Of More Expenses Due To Errors

Since you don’t have access to a team of experts who can help you with different aspects of the NetSuite software, you risk spending more money on mistakes. NetSuite can be difficult to take on just by one person, especially if they’re managing numerous tasks. In this case, there’s a chance that they could make a costly error or overlook a serious problem that could lead to more issues.

Lack Of Peace Of Mind For Your Business

NetSuite is supposed to make it easier for you to run your business — allowing you to centralize your core business processes, have real-time visibility in your business, improve efficiency in daily operations, automate your data from beginning to end, etc. But if you had to worry about the performance of a recent in-house hire, then you can’t have peace of mind. This takes away the time you should be using to run your business.

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Why Partner With A Managed Service Provider Like Atticus

Why Partner With A Managed Service Provider Like Atticus

Since NetSuite is a complicated technology, you need knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced individuals to help you implement it properly in your business — whether you’re a NetSuite user or partner. Here are just some of the benefits of partnering with a managed service provider like us:

Get Access To A Talent Pool Of Netsuite Experts

By handing over your NetSuite tasks and functions to a managed service provider, you can have access to a team of NetSuite experts! You don’t have to worry about hiring, on-boarding, training, retention, etc. Through managed services, you can be assisted by a project-based team that is already in place and ready to go! Since they deal with NetSuite daily, this means that they can jump in on the job anytime.

Access To Expert Advice And Customized Solutions

One of the benefits of handing over NetSuite management to an external company is that you can access the expert advice of an experienced team. Since there is a team of knowledgeable people you can talk to, you can find the right solution for your needs. This means that you can receive customized solutions that will help you advance your company.

Focus On Growing Your Business

Have more peace of mind when you know that a NetSuite managed services team can tackle all your NetSuite needs. By ensuring that everything is running smoothly, you have more time and headspace to focus on your growing business.

Provides You With The Bandwidth/Capacity

If you’re a NetSuite partner, then utilizing a project-based team for a short-term contract means that you don’t have to turn down opportunities when the demand for your services increases. Since you’re working with a project-based team, you don’t have to worry about the costs of paying for NetSuite talents during the off-peak season.

On-Time Delivery

Working with a managed service NetSuite team can help you keep up with your target and milestones for your company. They can work based on a service level agreement (SLA) to provide the service that you expect.

Makes Business Operations Easier

By outsourcing NetSuite managed services, you don’t have to go through a lengthy and costly recruitment process. There is already an existing project-based team of consultants that are ready to jump right into the job. Furthermore, the Atticus managed service model is designed to not take too much of your time and focus.

What Makes Atticus Different: The Atticus DNA

What Makes Atticus Different: The Atticus DNA

Interested in managed services for your NetSuite projects? There are plenty of providers in the market, but what makes us different is our DNA: experience, agility, growth-centeredness, and collaboration.

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As a managed services provider for NetSuite, we take the time to research competitive packages in the market, choose team members with both skills and experience, and treat our NetSuite talents properly. We emphasize individuals with the soft skills to adapt to a client's business, and perform under changing situations.


Our company size allows us to quickly adapt to changes that we might encounter, whether they're obstacles or opportunities to make the most out of. We are happy to work with your internal team, or if you’re a NetSuite partner, your client’s business. This way, we can provide the best solution for your needs.


We make sure to continuously learn new things so that we can also use them in helping our clients grow. We look at gaps as opportunities to find the right solutions or to go beyond the call of duty.


All the members of our company — from the owners to the staff — work together to take on challenges. This approach to collaboration is extended to the clients as well, so we can work together and solve big problems.

Key Takeaway

Because NetSuite is a sophisticated technology, you will need help from a team of experts to use it properly — whether you’re a user or a partner. Fortunately, you can consider looking into a managed services team to help you make the most out of this software.If you’re still considering hiring in-house vs managed service for NetSuite management, you can contact us here at Atticus. We can help you understand which decision will fit your current and future business needs.

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