How To Hire The Best NetSuite Developer

March 22, 2022
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Everything is going accordingly in your company. It is growing and roles are becoming more defined. But as your business grows, so is your need to improve what your NetSuite account can do. While you may have a long list of enhancements underway, knowing how to hire the best NetSuite developer will help you and your business the most.

The Advantage Of Hiring A NetSuite Developer

NetSuite is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from Oracle that seamlessly integrates important business data and processes into a single platform. NetSuite supports many modules to create a unified management system. These modules range from accounting, supply chain, human resource (HR), e-commerce, project management, to customer resource management (CRM).Companies have been using NetSuite to manage their business functions more efficiently. But without hiring Netsuite developers, this software solution can run into errors and increase overhead costs, not to mention the impact it may have on day-to-day business operations. If you don’t have the in-house capacity to run your NetSuite account, you will need to hire a NetSuite developer who has extensive software knowledge.A NetSuite developer’s role is to take your company’s goals and turn them into programs within the NetSuite environment. NetSuite is a highly customizable cloud ERP platform that can be tailor-fitted to your business’s specific needs and a NetSuite developer can do the customization for you without demanding technical know-how from you or your team members.The roles of NetSuite developers include data migration, automation, requirements scoping, module and workflow customizations, third-party app plug-in, new user training, user acceptance testing (UAT), and more. Their objective is to make your daily tasks automated including SuiteScript of all types.The question remains though: How can you hire the best NetSuite developer? How can you ensure that the quality of work that will be delivered to you is of topnotch quality? Well, we listed down 4 easy tips you can use to help you flesh out the best NetSuite developer in the market today:

  1. Assess for technical skills
  2. Include a technical assessment or check for NetSuite certifications
  3. Check for soft skills
  4. Consider outsourcing for a NetSuite developer

Assess For Technical Skills

Assess For Technical Skills

There is a range of technical skills you should be on the lookout for when hiring a NetSuite developer. These technical skills will help determine the suitability and the expertise of a prospective candidate for the job. These technical skills include the following:

  • Programs: NetSuite/One World ERP/CRM implementation (including integration, customization and custom development, and post-implementation support activities)
  • Languages: JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, PHP, XML, SQL
  • Databases: IBM DB2, Oracle 7/8i/9i/10g, MS SQL Server, MS Access
  • Operation systems: Windows, Linux
  • Reporting tools: Crystal Reports 7/8.0
  • Office Tools: Microsoft Office

Be sure to check for a candidate’s proficiency in these technologies early in the process of recruitment to make sure you’re getting the best and not wasting time and resources.

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Include A Technical Assessment Or Check For NetSuite Certifications

Include A Technical Assessment Or Check For NetSuite Certifications

A great way to check for a NetSuite developer candidate’s skills is by rolling out a technical assessment. Ask if the candidate would be comfortable with solving a common scripting problem. This can give you a better insight into what the candidate’s job performance will be like should you offer him/her the job.Another excellent and time-tested way to assess a NetSuite developer candidate’s technical skills is to check for NetSuite certifications. Keep in mind these certifications validate a person’s NetSuite expertise. Hiring a certified NetSuite developer will give you confidence that your staff has a thorough understanding of NetSuite and is trained to the highest skill level. This way, you can achieve great ROI from your investment. Your NetSuite developer will be able to deploy and implement support for the software and users better.These are the current NetSuite certifications available:

  • SuiteFoundation Certification
  • Administrator Certification
  • ERP Consultant Certification
  • SuiteCloud Developer II Certification
  • New Release Quiz

For NetSuite developers, the SuiteFoundation certification and SuiteCloud Developer II certification can validate software expertise the best. Candidates that pass the annual New Release Quiz are also worth hiring. This is because Oracle releases two new NetSuite updates every year. Passing the New Release Quick ensures the candidate is knowledgeable about new software innovations across NetSuite.

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Check For Soft Skills

Although technical skills are an essential part of the role, a NetSuite developer’s soft skill is still as crucial. Oftentimes, the tasks of a NetSuite developer are pressuring and this makes their soft skills just as vital.NetSuite administrators need to have good communication skills to discuss solutions with the rest of the team, keep a calm attitude while solving software issues, and have excellent time management skills. It is good to note though that these soft skills are developed over time, so give them the benefit of the doubt or hire someone who already possesses years of experience.

Consider Outsourcing For A NetSuite Developer

Consider Outsourcing For A NetSuite Developer

As the NetSuite developer role demands such a high level of skill and specialization, outsourcing services can be the best option for your organization.An outsourcing firm’s job is to fill your company’s talent gap efficiently. By seeking out their services, you will have easy access to a wide talent pool that meets your specific skill needs. It would be easier to hire the best NetSuite developer through an experienced outsourcing partner.For example, as an IT outsourcing company, Atticus Solutions has formed communities within various technology verticals to facilitate talent knowledge exchange. We also continuously invest in top graduates and budding leaders in the field of IT. As a result, we can easily cater to the talent needs of clients.Some of the other top benefits of outsourcing services include reduced operational costs, freed-up time (you don’t need to deal with labor-intensive recruitment and onboarding tasks), and more guidance in forming your NetSuite staffing strategy.While you can opt to hire an independent contractor as a NetSuite developer, you also have to consider offering the best compensation package.NetSuite developers are in-demand in the IT industry. This means you will have to compete with other companies that also need to hire a NetSuite developer. However, this can be expensive and may need a lot of time and attention from business owners. The best alternative is to outsource and let the outsourcing company deal with the nitty-gritty of recruitment and compensations.

Key Takeaway

In this guide, we’ve rounded up some of the tips on how to hire the best NetSuite developer. Do you need a dedicated NetSuite developer? Contact Atticus and we can help! With 25+ years of NetSuite experience, we specialize in a wide array of NetSuite outsourcing services — from implementation, customization, administration to customer support.

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