Goodbye, Workarounds! Transform Common NetSuite Pain Points through Optimization

April 5, 2024
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NetSuite is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This versatile tool transforms how businesses manage their operations, finances, and customer relationships. But, as with any complex software, it has its challenges. 

Many businesses struggle with common NetSuite pain points which hinder efficiency and productivity. The good news is that there's a better way to address these issues: optimization. 

Say goodbye to time-consuming workarounds! Explore how to stop relying on workarounds and start fixing those problems instead.

The Five Common NetSuite Pain Points

The frustrations a business experiences with NetSuite depend on its size and process. Yet, some pain points are more prevalent than others. 

What are the most common NetSuite pain points you might encounter?

Customization Complexity

NetSuite's flexibility is a double-edged sword. While you can customize the system to fit your needs, it can result in over-customization.

This leads to complex configurations that take too much time to manage and maintain.

Some businesses customize NetSuite extensively to meet their unique requirements. Unfortunately, they end up with a system that has become challenging to update. 

What happens when your NetSuite system is too complex? It affects and hinders productivity. It also slows down processes further and even causes frustrating errors.

To address this issue, regularly review and streamline customizations. Follow the standards and best practices. This ensures your customization is compatible, scalable, and maintainable. 

As much as possible, aim for a balance between flexibility and simplicity. 

You should also keep your customizations aligned with your business processes. Consider the long-term implications of every customization you make to avoid over-complicating your NetSuite. 

Remember, customization can be time-consuming and cost you more if not done efficiently.

Slow Performance

Another significant pain point that users encounter is slow performance. 
As your business grows and accumulates data, you may notice that NetSuite becomes slower in responding to user queries and requests. Slow performance can frustrate users and lead to decreased efficiency.

To combat this issue, try to implement performance-tuning strategies. You can regularly monitor your NetSuite performance and identify the bottlenecks. 
You can also check for any old data you can put in your archive. Optimize scripts and workflows or utilize NetSuite's SuiteAnalytics tools to improve system responsiveness. 

Investing in performance optimization can result in a more productive user experience.

Reporting Challenges

Reporting challenges are also prevalent among NetSuite users. Yes, NetSuite provides amazing reporting capabilities. But, creating custom reports or gaining real-time insights can also be a struggle.

How do you overcome these reporting challenges? Explore advanced reporting tools within NetSuite (such as SuiteAnalytics Workbook). Integrating NetSuite with business intelligence (BI) solutions provides more flexibility and advanced analytics, too. You can then generate the insights you need to make informed business decisions.

Integration Issues

Integration Issues are a significant pain point. It occurs when NetSuite needs to work seamlessly with other systems. 
These systems can be customer relationship management (CRM), eCommerce platforms, or third-party applications. 

Integration is, more often than not, complex. You may encounter issues leading to data discrepancies and workflow interruptions.
The solution? Invest in integration platforms that streamline data flow between NetSuite and other systems. These help with the following:

  • Automate data synchronization
  • Reduce manual data entry errors
  • Ensures data consistency across your organization
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Support and Customer Service

While not a technical pain point, the quality of support you get for your NetSuite can be a concern. Prompt and effective support is crucial when facing technical issues or needing help with configurations.

To ensure you receive the support you need, maintain a clear line of communication with the NetSuite support team. Utilize their resources, attend training sessions, and stay updated on best practices.
Consider engaging with NetSuite's user community as well. You can interact with other users with solutions to similar issues.

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The Danger Of Workarounds

Workarounds are usually quick fixes for addressing challenges within a system or process. And while workarounds have benefits, they are associated with alarming pitfalls. 
What makes these band-aid solutions counterproductive for your business?

Increased Complexity

Workarounds introduce increased complexity in your workflow. Implementing a workaround adds another layer to your existing processes. 

Over time, these layers can accumulate. And what happens when they stack on one after another? It’ll make your system convoluted and more difficult to manage.

Imagine you've set up a workaround to handle complex pricing rules in NetSuite. At first, it may seem like a practical solution. 

But as your business grows, so do the number of pricing rules. This makes managing these workarounds a huge task down the line. This often leads to confusion among team members, resulting in errors and inefficiencies.


Based on the term ‘workaround,’ workarounds are not efficient solutions. They often need manual intervention, extra steps, and manual data entry. 
Yes, they temporarily address a specific issue you’re worrying about. However, they can lead to increased workloads and reduced productivity.

Consider this situation. You use a manual data export-import workaround to integrate NetSuite with another system. 
It may seem like the most reasonable solution right now. But as data volumes grow, the time and effort needed for this manual process increases. This can result in delays, errors, and frustration for you and your team.

Risk Of Errors

You're exposed to mistakes relying on manual processes or makeshift solutions. These errors can lead to data inconsistencies, reporting inaccuracies, and even compliance issues.

What happens when you use a workaround to reconcile financial data in NetSuite? A simple oversight or data entry mistake can lead to financial discrepancies. 
These errors can be costly to correct and can affect trust in your financial reporting.

Long-Term Costs

While workarounds may seem cost-effective, they become expensive in the long run. Maintaining and managing workarounds consumes time, labour, and additional software tools or integrations. 

Over time, these costs pile up. It can even surpass your initial investment required for proper optimization. Moreover, workarounds can hinder your business’s scalability. 

Workarounds hinder scalability. As your business expands, their limitations become apparent, making scaling difficult. This overhaul may incur substantial costs.
Workarounds are just quick fixes and nothing more. They come with significant drawbacks that you have to take seriously. 
Instead of relying on them? Consider a more efficient solution: tried and tested NetSuite support and services.

Key Takeaway

NetSuite is such a powerful ERP system. However, businesses can still encounter issues affecting their efficiency and productivity. But by following these tips? You get to maximize your NetSuite’s potential and improve your business processes.

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