5 Common Problems that Require the Help of NetSuite Support

May 13, 2023
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What are the common problems that are resolved by NetSuite support?

  1. Inadequate implementation of NetSuite resources
  2. Absence of NetSuite pre-planning
  3. Failure to migrate data
  4. Mistakes in NetSuite upgrades and features
  5. Incorrect NetSuite support partner

Implementing NetSuite is not the same for every company. There are some who go through it seamlessly, however, most still find themselves struggling with this first step of the process. Based on NetSuite itself, 50% of NetSuite implementations fail the first time around. These failures are not because the cloud-based software isn’t functional, but rather because of the implementation attempts.For this reason, the helping hands and expertise of NetSuite support are required to fully leverage and navigate the ERP system with ease. So, let’s go over a few common problems that require the help of NetSuite admin support. By resolving these issues, you can guarantee that your company’s NetSuite implementations will no longer fail.

Inadequate Implementation of NetSuite Resources

Inadequate implementation of NetSuite resources

Depending on how large your company is and its complexity, you will need at least one NetSuite admin support. However, rather than hiring experts, plenty of businesses prefer relying on their employees in implementing the NetSuite that, in return, burdens them and keeps them from accomplishing their other day-to-day work. It’s because they believe that NetSuite can be implemented easily. Trust us, it’s hard and it can’t be done overnight.With the help of NetSuite admin support, they can implement the NetSuite based on your business’s industry – be it marketing, purchasing, manufacturing, logistics, sales, production, finance, or customer service. They know the appropriate and functioning NetSuite features that can cater to your specific business demands.This way, your company can prevent experiencing failed NetSuite implementation due to unforeseen issues, which could be costly and possibly force your company to go over budget.

Absence of NetSuite Pre-Planning

There are still companies that don’t practice pre-planning before embarking on the implementation of NetSuite. We can’t stress enough how important it is to document what your company currently does. This way, you can also plan out backup plans and troubleshooting solutions when certain circumstances arise.We understand that the reason they do this is that they want to immediately see the best results for their business. But, as the saying goes, all good things take time.Fortunately, the NetSuite admin support helps businesses pre-plan their NetSuite implementation by providing assistance on the best practices they must follow. As a result, businesses have an idea of how complex it is to navigate the NetSuite software and the importance of pre-planning for a smooth transition to the ERP system.

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Failure to Migrate Data

Failure to Migrate Data

Before transferring to NetSuitem companies may already have software devoted to accounting, purchasing, human resources, and inventory. All of this must be transferred to the new ERP software for a smooth transition. However, some companies still fail to migrate their data to the NetSuite platform. This results in negative consequences, which can impact your business decisions.Fortunately, the NetSuite admin support resolves this issue to prevent companies from manually entering their data in the NetSuite.Apart from failure in migrating the data, there are several things that the NetSuite admin support does regarding the company’s data, including:

  • Resolving duplicate records
  • Fixing spelling errors
  • Replacing inappropriate NetSuite features with the right ones
  • Fixing issues in the NetSuite configuration

Since it’s difficult to review the data meticulously, it’s best to tap the expertise of NetSuite admin support, so that your data system is scrubbed before migrating it to the NetSuite system.

Mistakes in NetSuite Upgrades and Features

When a company upgrades NetSuite and its features, it’s not uncommon when they experience a problem because the software is complicated to navigate, especially if it’s done by a non-NetSuite expert.The NetSuite admin support resolves NetSuite upgrades and features by identifying the root cause of such problems and providing an immediate solution to fix them.From NetSuite dashboards, workflows, scripting, and forms that require upgrades as your business grows, the NetSuite support handles these. Not to mention that they can also answer your questions regarding the NetSuite upgrades so that you have a better insight into how they successfully resolve your company’s mistakes in upgrading the features of the NetSuite.

Incorrect NetSuite Support Partner

Finally, plenty of companies encounter failed NetSuite implementation when they partnered with a support team that doesn’t have a depth knowledge of how NetSuite works.It’s important to consider the expertise of your NetSuite support partner. This prevents you from incorporating NetSuite features that are not aligned with your business’s industry. As we’ve mentioned many times, NetSuite has various modules per industry.For instance, if your company is a manufacturing company, you’ll likely need NetSuite support professionals with a deep understanding of the robust features and NetSuite modules about inventory management. This helps your company be accommodated with what it needs regarding the NetSuite software.Thus, good NetSuite support professionals let your company navigate the right modules for your business needs, which keeps you from purchasing the ones that you don’t actually need.

Key Takeaway

These are the common problems that require the help of experienced NetSuite admin support professionals. They help companies implement their NetSuite successfully, which prevents them from encountering issues during the implementation or feature upgrade processes.If you’re looking for a pool of talented and skilled NetSuite admin support, contact Atticus Solutions here. We can redirect you to skilled NetSuite admin support professionals in the Philippines. Our team will be glad help to assist you with your NetSuite-related inquiries.

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