Best Practices for IT Staffing

January 16, 2022
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What are the best practices for IT staffing?

  1. Understand your staffing needs
  2. Get help from online assessments
  3. Plan ahead
  4. Take advantage of automation and virtual recruitment tools
  5. Consider seeking out IT staffing services

Finding highly skilled IT professionals can be a challenging task. Following the introduction of technology and computers, IT departments grew to become an integral part of any workforce in any industry, helping businesses generate as maximum output as possible. When it comes to IT staffing, it’s crucial that you rethink the way you hire. You need to differentiate yourself in the competitive staffing market and recruit applicants that best match your job position needs. Fortunately, we have listed down the best practices for IT staffing. Continue reading to learn more.

Understand Your Staffing Needs

The first best practice for IT staffing is to understand exactly the type of staff you need.Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the role all about?
  • What are your skill or experience requirements?
  • What is your hiring budget?

Asking these simple questions can help shed light on the IT professional you need. Then, you can use the information to determine the best staffing strategy you can formulate for each role.Keep in mind that there are numerous types of IT professionals nowadays. For example, at Atticus, some of the most common IT job titles include IT software developers, cloud computing specialists, cloud consultants, application architects, security specialists. Some companies would need to recruit applicants who have certain levels of skills and experience.

Get Help From Online Assessments

Get Help From Online Assessments

Most companies today are utilizing online assessment tools for streamlining their IT staffing process. Online assessment tools can identify the best applicants for your company.For example, you may need an IT software developer. In that case, you can look for an online assessment tool for coding, problem-solving skills, programming languages, time management, mathematical aptitude, and attention to detail to verify if they have the skills to fill the position.

Plan Ahead

As much as possible, you should avoid being in a position wherein you need IT staffing on such short notice. For one, matching the right candidate to a needed position can be time-consuming. Secondly, there is a highly competitive IT staffing market right now. It can be a challenge to stand out and attract skilled applicants for your company. This is why one of the best practices for IT staffing is to plan ahead.Set a timeline. Know the positions that will need staffing before the need arises. One way to go about this is to understand your turnover rate and which IT positions need to be filled often.Another possible solution is to have a database of quality IT talent that you recruit when the need arises. Let’s say you interviewed past IT applicants who stood out but are not fit for the position. Make sure to contact these past applicants and continuously let them know about new job openings.Filling an IT position at the last minute can be extremely challenging. It can also be costly for the company if the position is important for daily operations. Ensure your company is prepared and plans ahead.You can have access to a candidate pool anytime if you consider IT offshoring. Simply put, offshoring refers to delegating specific tasks to a third-party firm abroad.Atticus is an offshore IT staffing firm in the Philippines that helps clients fill their IT talent gap. Since 2016, we have enriched our staffing network by forming communities within various technology verticals. We have also unceasingly invested in the top IT graduates and professionals to make sure we can tap into the best IT talent anytime.

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Take Advantage of Automation and Virtual Recruitment Tools

Take Advantage of Automation and Virtual Recruitment Tools

There’s no doubt that automation and virtual recruitment tools allow everyone to work more efficiently. This fact remains true when it comes to IT staffing.You can simplify your IT staffing process by automating tasks like screening applicants, sending follow-up emails, setting interview appoints, and onboarding. Of course, you can also take advantage of virtual recruitment tools if you cannot meet IT applications in person. Given that the pandemic made remote work the new normal, virtual recruitment tools like video-conferencing apps and online skill assessment tools can streamline your tasks.Virtual recruitment tools can also help broaden your IT talent pool. Today, the ways in which employers hire IT staff have become diverse. Applicants are also more well-versed with technology. They can now send resumes online, post their skills on recruitment websites, and more.By taking advantage of virtual recruitment tools, you would not be limited geographically as well. You can also hire IT professionals abroad.

Consider Seeking Out IT Staffing Services

Given that the information technology industry demands such a high level of skill and specialization, seeking out IT staffing services can be a great option for your company.Staffing firms can help fill your company’s talent gap efficiently. You will have easy access to a wide talent pool that meets your specific needs for IT. Some of the other known benefits of IT staffing services include reduced operational costs, reduced risks of hiring the wrong applicant (e.g. applicants without the right training or skills you need), freed-up time, and more guidance in forming your business's staffing strategy.

Key Takeaway

In this article, we’ve listed down the best practices for IT staffing. IT professionals are an integral part of any workforce in any industry today. Make sure your staffing process is effective in filling your company’s IT talent gaps!Look for IT staffing services to speed up your recruitment process? Atticus is a trusted offshore IT staffing firm in the Philippines. Click here to learn more about our IT staffing services. For more inquiries, you may contact Atticus by clicking here.

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