Benefits Of Hiring Project-Based NetSuite Talents

June 6, 2022

The months of May, June, and July are considered the peak season for NetSuite projects. However, most partners/tech consulting firms are already turning down new projects because of a lack of manpower or bandwidth to get the job done. The solution to this problem is to engage an expert NetSuite capable and experienced firm to augment staff that is available on a project basis. Learn more about the benefits of hiring project-based NetSuite talents.

Why Hire Project-Based NetSuite Talents?

Going for project-based NetSuite talents instead of full-time, dedicated talents has lots of benefits. From cost savings to customized solutions to making operations easier, project-based talents give the flexibility needed by businesses today to stay competitive. In this article we list down 4 benefits of hiring project-based NetSuite talents.

What are the benefits of hiring project-based NetSuite talents?

  1. Pay only for what you need done
  2. Customized solutions
  3. On-time project delivery
  4. Make business operations easier
What are the benefits of hiring project-based NetSuite talents?

As a NetSuite partner, you need certified, skilled, and experienced professionals who can handle projects properly. Project-based NetSuite talents can help you take on NetSuite projects during times when you’re lacking in manpower or bandwidth.

Pay only for what you need done

Hiring NetSuite talents per project requirements and on short-term contracts can help you save costs while delivering quality services to your clients. For most project-based contracts, you will be charged on an hourly basis depending on the number of hours you need to finish a project. Since they’re hired on a project basis, this means that you only need to pay for what you need to be done. After the project, the contract ends, so you can wait until there’s a new project before you employ their services again.

Customized solutions

Project-based NetSuite talents are recommended for NetSuite jobs that require a specific skill set for only a fixed amount of time — such as during seasonal peaks where workloads could be too heavy for your own team. They could also be useful when you decide to branch out into a new field, so you need access to special skills. So whether it’s implementing an additional module, customization, scripting, integration, data migration, user training or simple support and administration, you can rest assured that your projects are done according to your needs.Based on your project requirements, you will find NetSuite talents who can match the qualifications you’re looking for. They can bring in specialized skills without you having to hire and train them.

On-time project delivery

By getting project-based NetSuite talents who already know what their job entails and can jump right into the role, you can provide on-time project delivery to your clients. Since they’re already specialized in their fields, you don’t have to worry about delays in filling up positions. This is beneficial, especially during the peak season when there is a rise in NetSuite projects that you have to take on.

Makes business operations easier

One of the main concerns of hiring regular employees is that it takes time and money. You have to go through various activities such as hiring, onboarding, and training. And after that, you also have to implement a retention program, so they don’t leave when you need them the most.Through project-based NetSuite talents, you can make business operations easier. Since you’re hiring these professionals on a project-basis, you don’t need to worry about recruitment and retention troubles, because the talent provider will handle these for you. You can save time and money on interviewing people, getting documents ready for new recruits, and more.

How Atticus Can Help

How Atticus Can Help

Here at Atticus, we can help match you with the right NetSuite talents, so you can accept NetSuite projects even during peak seasons.We will provide you with the bandwidth and capacity to get more projects done, so you don’t have to turn down new clients. We ensure that you can achieve on-time delivery with our service level agreement, so you can reach your target or milestones.Lastly, we can make your business operations easier because you don’t have to go through HR processes. We already have a trained and experienced project-based team of consultants that are ready to take on the job anytime. With our Atticus managed service model, we will make sure to not take too much of your time and focus so you can spend more hours on core operations and completing other projects.

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What Makes Atticus different: The Atticus DNA

What Makes Atticus different: The Atticus DNA

Here at Atticus, we stand out from the rest of our competitors due to our experience, agility, growth-centeredness, and collaboration. Below are what makes the Atticus DNA the preferred choice for NetSuite partners:


We pride ourselves on being a NetSuite experienced and capable organization. For years, we have managed NetSuite talents that are more than capable of providing assistance for our client’s projects. Our leadership’s combined experience assures that you can offer your clients with top NetSuite solutions that can help them grow their business in the cloud.We are well-researched and know the competitive packages in the market. We know how to manage our team, so they’re not only paid well, but also receive the benefits they need. We carefully choose team members who possess a combination of skills and experience. This includes soft skills that help them focus and be motivated to give their all to a project and adapt well to shifting situations.


Since business situations are always changing, we know how to be agile to quickly adapt to the changes that may come. Because of our size, we are more flexible when it comes to helping NetSuite partners get what they need at the current times.We can align with your company and your clients to better understand the right solution to your business needs. On top of this, we are also continuously and constantly evolving our processes, so they stay relevant and useful based on changing business requirements.

Growth Centeredness

Our team here at Atticus is continuously learning, growing, and developing our skills, knowledge, and processes, so we can also help you and your clients grow. Everyone in our team continuously evolves to learn new developments in businesses. We don’t look at gaps as problems but turn them into opportunities instead.


From the owners, to team leaders, and team members, we work together to solve problems and take on challenges. This unified approach helps us to quickly find solutions that will help you with your projects.Our collaborative approach allows us to work well with you and your internal teams, so we can better understand your needs and take the right actions to meet them. Together, we can take on NetSuite projects to assist more customers!

Key Takeaway

If you want to experience the benefits of hiring project-based NetSuite talents, you can contact us here at Atticus! We have specialized NetSuite professionals ready to jump right into the job, so you can reduce delays and take on more projects this peak season.

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