Key Benefits of AWS Managed Services

March 16, 2022
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Any cloud infrastructure development is crucial in reaching business success. Cloud infrastructures contribute to business success by offering better insights from any given data, providing better flexibility and scalability, driving collaboration and efficiency, and ensuring business continuity - all while saving on cost. And while business owners have plenty of cloud solution choices, only a few come close to the benefits of AWS and its Managed Services.

What is AWS?

AWS is short for Amazon Web Services - an online platform that provides on-demand cloud computing solutions. AWS can be configured into different services based on a company user’s needs, with more than 100 services comprising the AWS portfolio. These include operations like database storage and backup, application development, security, analytics, computing, and more. Each service helps corporations scale efficiently.

What is AWS Managed Services?

Today, companies in over 190 countries utilize AWS. However, there is a problem in the actual implementation of cloud migration and management of AWS: internal IT departments have limited knowledge and experience with regard to the services and tools involved. Business owners and IT managers don’t know how and where to start migrating to the cloud and even if they do, they are bombarded with huge expenses for just starting the implementation.In addition, there is very little talent available for AWS services onshore. If there is talent available, it can be expensive to hire onshore and business owners simply cannot afford additional costs including overheads. This is why the benefits of AWS Managed Services and its importance cannot be overlooked.AWS Managed Services helps companies operate their AWS infrastructure more easily and cost-efficiently. Whether you need to migrate data or automate analytics, AWS Managed Services lets you augment and optimize your operation skills in both existing and new AWS environments. Below, we list down the benefits of AWS Managed Services that your business can start reaping.

What Are The Key Benefits Of AWS Managed Services?

  1. Access to top-notch talent thus addressing the global IT skill shortage
  2. Time- and cost-effective
  3. Lesser downtime, increased productivity
  4. Leverage existing structure, procedures, automation, and processes
  5. Increased security and compliance
  6. Scalability

Access To Top-Notch Talent Thus Addressing The Global IT Skill Shortage

Access To Top-Notch Talent Thus Addressing The Global IT Skill Shortage

There is an ongoing global shortage of IT skills, with about 90% of companies struggling to find workers with cloud-related skills. While it’s true that there are plenty of IT graduates entering the workforce every year, many of them still require extra training to fully grasp technical cloud knowledge. This means additional resources (be it in time, effort and energy, and money) are demanded from business owners. This is where partnering with an experienced, AWS-certified Managed Services Provider like Atticus proves to be beneficial for your company.Atticus is an offshore service provider in the Philippines offering AWS Managed Services and can help you maximize the value of the cloud and help you adapt to the AWS environment faster. The Philippines produces thousands of IT graduates every year from local colleges and universities with top-grade IT skills already in place.IT graduates from the Philippines are already knowledgeable about programming, software engineering, app development, data analysis, machine learning, DevOps, cyber security, cloud computing, and more. There are a number of AWS-certified IT professionals in the country and through Managed Services, you leverage top-notch AWS talent who already have the knowledge and skills.

Time and Cost-Effective

Counting the time you need to recruit for AWS-related talent, migrating to and implementing the cloud infrastructure of AWS can take a lot of time you may not have. With AWS Managed Services, you get access to top IT talent who will constantly monitor and optimize your company’s AWS capability, thus shortening the time to implement the cloud infrastructure.In addition, with AWS Managed Services, you pay only for what you need done. It can be a one-off project or a long-term one, but no matter how it is, you’re sure that you only pay for the results you need. This way, your organization can save time and money recruiting, training, and retaining talent. You don’t need to spend more time and money to hire in-house talent just to manage your AWS environment. An expert offshoring partner can do this for you!

Lesser Downtime, Increased Productivity

Lesser Downtime, Increased Productivity

Businesses today are heavily reliant on cloud and IT infrastructure to get their day-to-day tasks done. Regardless of the severity of the incident, any form of downtime can have negative impacts on productivity, revenue, and brand reputation. AWS Managed Services Providers constantly and proactively monitor and manage IT systems, which reduces the probability of downtime.AWS Managed Services Providers implement a proactive approach in determining downtime threats and risks. They also use equipment that increases security, so no data breaches occur and cause downtime. Because of these, there is very little probability of AWS downtime and a high probability of productivity across all teams in an organization.

Leverage Existing Structure, Procedures, Automation, and Processes

AWS Managed Service Providers have time-tested governance, structure, and processes already in place to attend to your business needs. They already have security systems and protocols, HR policies, training and development, and other procedures that you may need as if you were doing it by yourself in-house.Because of this structured way of work, they can easily launch AWS deployments, monitor AWS infrastructure updates, and more. You can now fast-track your AWS automation tasks.

Increased Security and Compliance

Increased Security and Compliance

From phishing to ransomware attacks, studies show that the rate of cybercrime and cyber threats are rising more and more each year. The impact of cybercrime is that it compromises billions of accounts, exposes intellectual property and personal data. This can result in disruption of operations and even the possibility of extortion. If you want to avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime, you can safeguard your business using AWS Managed Services.AWS Managed Service Providers offer robust security solutions to protect your IT infrastructure network against threats and intrusions. They offer 24/7 monitoring and support in order to anticipate cybersecurity threats and avoid costly damages.


Outsourcing your AWS tasks to AWS Managed Service Providers will help you explore and address your technical pain points to help your firm stay productive. AWS Managed Service Providers can help you remain competitive and address market demands by reducing ballooning costs, tapping into existing expertise, improving customer value and experience, and maximizing profit margins.

Key Takeaway

The cloud has been the way to business success in the past decade, and for good reasons. When implemented correctly, the cloud can improve an organization’s efficiency, productivity, and security in every business aspect. Among the cloud infrastructures available in the market today, Amazon Web Services is proven to be one of the most effective and cost-efficient solutions; and when implemented with the right resources, AWS can change the way you do business. Having an expert Managed Services Provider to help your business with AWS migration and implementation can be the difference between success or forever closed doors.Atticus can help you reap all the benefits mentioned above by providing you with qualified professionals and systems already in place so you can get on with your business while we do the rest of your AWS cloud migration and management. For more inquiries, contact Atticus by clicking here.

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