5 Advantages of Staff Augmentation Services

December 20, 2021
A diverse team of professionals collaborating at a table, each engrossed in their laptops. Illustrates the benefits of staff augmentation services.

Staff augmentation is a type of outsourcing service wherein additional talent is provided for a company’s in-house team. As a result, more and more companies augment staff when they have important projects that need more talent with specialized skill sets. The advantages of staff augmentation services are abundant. It is deemed as a cost-effective strategy that helps businesses scale faster without compromising the quality of talent hired temporarily.Staff augmentation services in the Philippines are in high demand, especially in booming industries like IT where projects are constantly high in volume all year round. Working with augmented staff is beneficial because it helps get the work done and bridges the talent gaps for short-term positions. They offer enhanced flexibility for companies that want to outsource talent and employees who possess the right skills needed for a specific project.But the advantages of staff augmentation services are not limited to this, below are more benefits your business can reap. Read on!

Saves Money

Hiring new full-time in-house employees to work on a certain project can be costly and time-consuming, often requiring more effort from companies than necessary. To avoid this, you can avail of staff augmentation services to work with specialized professionals temporarily.Hiring augmented staff can help you save money on salaries, benefits, trainings, and other costs associated with hiring a full-time employee. Staff augmentation services provide companies the ideal option of short-term hiring to meet their immediate and specific needs without compromising talent quality.

Access To A Highly Skilled Talent Network

When you hire a new full-time employee, you may end up with someone who doesn’t have the specific skill sets you need for your current project. While permanent recruitment strategies are limited when it comes to accessing market talents, staff augmentation services provide companies access to a large network of highly skilled professionals.Staff augmentation companies spend an extensive amount of time enhancing their talent network connections, picking out experts at the top of their respective fields. As a result, having an augmented staff means you have specialists and professionals who can accomplish projects more effectively, thus benefiting your team in the long run.At Atticus, we continuously expand our talent network by fostering connections with fresh graduates and budding industry leaders. We offer top-tier IT augmented staff including developers, engineers, QA engineers, as well other experts to meet your SaaS and cloud technology talent needs. Whatever your company needs, rest assured you will be in good hands with Atticus’ staff augmentation services in the Philippines.

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Boosts Operational Productivity

Recruiting requires plenty of time and effort because you want to ensure you only hire the right employees with the needed skill set. In cases where there is a position that needs to be filled for a specific project, your operational productivity can be hampered without the right team.Through a good staff augmentation service, you can fill in those talent gaps and boost operational productivity. For example, you can hire a full-stack engineer to complete the skills of your software development team or you can ask for a team of QA engineers to help with your software testing.

Allows Faster Scaling

All businesses want to scale up and adapt quickly to unpredictable market trends. Companies that are unable to respond to such transformations are bound to succumb to failure. Keep in mind that recruiting new in-house employees takes time, especially if a project requires very specific skill sets.With staff augmentation, it becomes easier to recruit specialists and adapt to prevailing market conditions for scaling up. Going forward, your company becomes more responsive to specific projects while maintaining a cost-efficient and lean in-house team.

Provides More Control Over Project Taking

For most industries, especially the IT sector, the volume of a company’s project workload is always changing. Another benefit of staff augmentation services is that you can have more control over project-taking decisions.Staff augmentation allows you to ask for the size of your needed team and what specialists you need. This equips your company to take on more projects. You can always hire additional staff for bigger projects or dedicated staff teams for projects that have nearing deadlines. These services are ideal in hiring temporary employees to manage your company’s needs on a project basis.At Atticus, we can provide you with professional candidates at the top of their fields, to give you more control over your projects. We can help you keep costs down without compromising quality.

Key Takeaway

The advantages of staff augmentation services cannot be overlooked. More and more companies are leveraging the capabilities of highly skilled talent for specific durations and in a cost-effective manner.Need staff augmentation services in the Philippines? Atticus can offer you the most comprehensive business solutions. Click here to learn more about our augmented staff service!

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