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Your cloud transformation project is more than just setting up shop in AWS

So, you decided to take your business to the Cloud. Congratulations! Everyone in the world of tech knows that the future is in the Cloud. Cloud computing has been steadily progressing for over a decade now, and it is undeniable that Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the pioneering cloud solutions, is leagues ahead of the competition. You have everything you need and pay only for what you use — computing power, database storage, content delivery. With built-in backup, high availability, disaster recovery, and encryption, you also know that your applications are safe. What’s not to like?

The myth of migrating to the Cloud

It’s easy to look at AWS through rose-colored glasses given the benefits it offers. What’s next? Hire someone with an AWS Certification on their CV and get him to lift all of your apps from your physical servers and migrate them to your VMs on AWS. Once all your data is safely stored in the Cloud, you can log into AWS and you can go back to business as usual. Easy, right?

Just because AWS enables your business to act faster than any legacy solution does not mean that it can be implemented in an instant. The truth is, getting your applications to AWS needs a proper migration plan and implementation. And it is not as straightforward as transferring your data from a physical server to one in the Cloud.

What’s really in store for you?

You have to take a look at your applications and assess how each can be optimized in the AWS architecture. Some applications can be lifted and shifted. Others will require revisions in the system design. You may even need to think about whether you can still efficiently use some legacy applications in AWS or be better off subscribing to a new software service.

Going Cloud also means leaving behind traditional ways executing your application development projects. For example, if you are going to deploy your e-commerce app in AWS, you cannot still lean on the waterfall methodology. The AWS environment is inherently Agile, so you have to be Agile-adopted as well. Your new system designs have to be built for Cloud, utilizing microservices and APIs, continuous integration, continuous development. You have to be able to start projects faster, scale easier, release more frequently.

Subscribing to these new disciplines is a commitment — your company needs the right mindset and the right leader to spearhead this effort.

Finding the right talent to build and sustain a Cloud culture

Your cloud transformation also merits a business transformation. You will need to find and sustain the new culture. This is where Atticus can help.

Atticus is an IT offshoring company based in the Philippines, where English-speaking IT talent is abundant. We understand how scarce and how expensive AWS-certified resources can get. Our offshore location opens up a big new pool of potential talents for your company.

Apart from acquiring qualified talent, we ignite it. We sustain our pool through internal soft skills coaching and technical mentorship via training organizations like Apper.ph. We aim to develop the existing talent that we have and at the same time have a steady stream of new headcount to support our clients’ needs.

As an offshore team, we have long embraced the Agile culture. We embrace Cloud technologies. We are not only experts in the Cloud technology but also in the organizational transformation that comes with adopting it. Our technical expertise combined with our organization experience makes us good advisors when it comes to Cloud transformation projects.

On top of all these, Atticus will handle the recruitment, onboarding, and resource management of your AWS team.

Is your business ready to begin its cloud transformation? Let us help you get there. Chat with us to know more.


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