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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace The Need for Virtual Assistants?

Technology Can Never Replace Your Virtual Assistants— Here’s Why

Artificial Intelligence is Taking Over

It’s no secret that the technology is increasingly becoming an integral part of the word, particularly in business. Some would say that it’s even making the world move forward into the future by automating different processes in several industries: one of them being artificial intelligence in place of a virtual assistant.

But while it does make a lot of processes easier, there are important elements of a virtual assistant’s role that technology simply can’t replace.

They Cannot Read Context

Technology is often used to automate manual processes and with AI’s advanced capabilities, operations can be cut down from days to hours— maybe even minutes.

However the level of AI that is commercially available today can only do so much: its actions are all predictable and its capabilities will only go as far it is programmed to do. While further research and development is ongoing for AI in terms of contextual development, humans are still your best bet, especially as a virtual assistant.

An example of this would be when you are serving multiple markets or customers and are reaching out to potential clients. Your business pitch would have to cater to each clients’ specific needs in order to spark real interest. This includes business setting, business model, competition, position… essential but too complex characteristics that technology cannot pick up from context.

They Don’t Know How to Communicate

With the onset of content that people are exposed to everyday both online and offline, brands are forced to find innovative ways to create marketing material that will capture consumers’ attention.

Human marketers in themselves face that challenge everyday: How do we create content that will be noticed through the noise?

Even with the capabilities to read numbers of what kind of post receive a certain level of organic reach through analytics systems, technology cannot translate this into figuring how to create posts like it.

They Have No Emotional Capabilities

Virtual assistants will be in consistent contact with a variety of people with different personalities. However, chatbots can only go so far with communication because they cannot detect emotions or reply with messages that aren’t in their system.

But that goes without saying: chatbots are still beneficial to companies for automated customer service purposes. However, if a client asks your robot VA for a special request or a specific question that is outside its software, a human is still the only fully capable VA to attend to this type of query.

In addition to that, live chat agents will reply with more emotion and can show real concern for a customer that seeks help for a product problem, and can act accordingly to increase customer satisfaction.

They Cannot Make Connections

Because of AI’s inability to read context and have or convey human emotions, they aren’t able to form human connections. Therefore if you need your VA to network and reach out to people beyond possibly simple tasks such as booking or cancelling a reservation, AIs still do not have the capabilities to do so.

Making connections to grow a network requires some sort of personal affiliation, such as a similarity in hobby or a mutual friend, which is outside the bounds of what technology can do right now.

They Cannot Excel

AI can be programmed to have advanced capabilities like calculating complicated equations in a fraction of a second. But— that is the extent that they can work.

Unlike their human counterparts, robot VAs cannot learn from others or from previous mistakes. Not only that, they are also not able to innovate new ideas or think of more efficient ways to go about a procedure. Because of this, as the industry matures, old technology will inevitably go obsolete.

Thus, while technology does play a massive role in the advancement of any industry, it is still in the power of humans to improve and bring technology to the next level.


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