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Why your fitness business isn't growing!

Are you a fitness business owner that has tried to take on the ambitious task of attempting to grow their businesses SOLO with no help?! What you don’t realize is that the sheer number of both critical and administrative tasks that need to be accomplished make this intrinsically impossible to do.

Virtual Assistants that have fitness background

Because of this, a virtual assistant (or VA), is the best option to properly grow a new company to its maximum potential through handling “backend” business growth, which in turn saves time and increases productivity, with the added benefit of costing less than an in-house assistant.

Fitness centers in particular involve several administrative tasks such as logistics in equipment and competent staff to ensure the safety of patrons and exceptional service. These requirements, coupled with maintaining a presence in online marketing efforts, are top priorities given that it is a B2C service. However these tasks are better done by a virtual assistants so business managers can focus more on the macro elements of business development.

An Australian fitness centre owner has benefitted from engaging a virtual assistant in her small business and had even once entrusted her VA to run her company as she took a 4-week holiday. This is because in time, she was able to delegate more of her day-to-day tasks as her VA successfully accomplished them. As a result, she is able to manage other priorities while maintaining the peace of mind that her backend tasks are being accomplished. In relation, this element is especially useful for fitness centers that involve online business management softwares such as MindBody as well as social media marketing. These tasks involve all-day work but can also be done remotely, making a VA the perfect option as typically, these tasks are menial enough to be done by any one that is familiar with the system such as Australian fitness gym owner Holly Gannon, who found herself spending a significant amount of time on administrative tasks. However when she hired a virtual assistant to delegate similar tasks to as well as her online efforts, she was able to resume her regular responsibilities as the fitness gym owner as opposed to her administrative work.

Coupled with this productivity in delegation, VAs are also lower in cost than what a company would spend with a regular employee. Given that the company finds a virtual assistant whose skills match their priorities, a VA can save a good percentage of overhead cost as they typically cost at an hourly rate as opposed to a monthly salary as well as would not include employee benefits and cost of use in utilities. In addition, rates would vary depending on location: hiring a VA from a third world country such as the Philippines would cost less than a VA from the US or Australia. This way, your company’s costs can be allocated to other productive necessities such as new equipment or hiring well-trained coaching staff.

While the fear of a virtual assistant leaving their clients mid-project arises, hiring one through a company such as Atticus eliminates that possibility by filtering and employing only reliable offshore staff that match their client’s goals.

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