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Why should your organization want to hire remote talent?

Despite occasional stories about cons of having distributed workforce, the long-term trends all show steady growth in the number of people working remotely.

In the US, the steady rise of Americans working from home continues. According to recently released data from the US Census, 5.2% of workers in the US worked at home in 2017—or 8 million people. That share is up from 5% in 2016, and 3.3% in 2000.

And, yes, choosing offshore workers does come with its challenges. However, at the same time, we cannot deny the fact that there are a ton of amazing engineers/designers/programmers in the Philippines, who are just as able as their US counterparts and deliver work at the same quality level.

To be sure, there certainly are pitfalls to be aware of and to avoid when hiring remote tech talents, especially offshore, not to mention differences in culture, language, and time zone can be a make or break factor.

At Atticus, we completely acknowledge those are 100% pressing core issue and that we are not discounting the reality that time, cultural differences, and language can be a serious challenge. But, they can certainly be surmounted through the right staffing strategy and sticking to a good process that can drastically improve the odds of finding and keeping quality remote talent.

Many growing companies and start-ups are realizing that the very IT talents and experts may not be located within the commuting distance of their offices. And many of these businesses (especially technology-driven ones) aren’t investing in offices – they’re investing in people and operating 100% remote because of the several advantages they can leverage from. To name a few: increase in flexibility, more productivity, reduce commuting cost & time, save on office expense, 24/7 hour support.

Why limit yourself to hiring people within a certain geographical location? A local hire in no way guarantees a wise investment. By hiring remote team members, you can find the best tech talent to get the job done, no matter where they’re located.


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