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Why Onboarding a Fully Dedicated, Full Time Remote ERP team Is Better Than Getting Freelancers.

When you’re a small to medium-sized business, your main concern is in keeping up with your internal processes and addressing the demands of your growth. You will want to make sure that every ounce of your budget, manpower, and time are all being spent as efficiently as possible. This, of course, is what your ERP is for.

Full Time vs Freelance

An ERP keeps your processes streamlined and frees your staff to focus on projects relevant to your growth. However, running and maintaining an ERP can be a challenging experience when you don’t have the budget for manpower that large businesses have.

Most of the time, large businesses hire a team of in-house ERP consultants to stay on top of their systems. These consultants get into the thick of things and handle everything from ERP implementation to maintenance. Functioning as a unit, they work together to make the necessary module configurations in order to meet the changing needs of the enterprise. Since they’re in-house, it’s easy to coordinate with them for tasks that may need their expertise – such as explaining the technical side of reports to key business stakeholders.

While this setup may be ideal, it is simply not practical for most small to medium-sized businesses to adapt. Firstly, their business processes are likely to be less complex and hiring anything beyond a core team of ERP consultants would not be cost-efficient. Secondly, the budget needed to keep a huge team of ERP consultants running would be better spent on avenues for business growth instead.

So what other options do you have as a small to medium-sized business? Two main choices stand out: hiring a remote team employed by a local company and hiring freelancers.

On the surface, hiring a freelance ERP consultant might seem like the more cost-efficient choice. Here are a few reasons why you’re better off hiring a remote team employed by a local company like Atticus.

An employed remote team is a minimum security risk

An ERP system covers all your business processes. As such, anyone with access to your ERP has critical visibility into your business. Atticus ensures that your information is in secure hands. Our employees have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) for each of our projects. Our top priority is your peace of mind. We are accountable for the actions of our employees, and they are accountable to us. The typical freelance consultant is a free agent, and it’s logistically difficult to keep them accountable.

You are our remote team’s top priority

While they may not be your employees, our consultants at Atticus are hired full-time. Once they’re assigned to your business, their focus will completely go to providing you with quality service. Conversely, you will not always know how many projects a freelance consultant is currently juggling. Since you don’t have visibility on their schedule, you’ll never know if any side-projects will distract them when your business needs them the most.

Our remote ERP consultants grow with your company

In Atticus, we treat our ERP consultants like our own employees. We don’t just acquire talent – we ignite it. After we hire our highly-skilled consultants, we make it our mission to take their career development further by having them undergo communications coaching. We collaborate with various personalities from the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand – we make sure our team is able to understand and articulate business matters.

We also promote a culture of life-long learning in Atticus. Aside from developing their technical skills, we encourage our consultants to adapt a growth mindset. This instills a willingness to continuously learn in all our talents, which helps them improve present skills and learn new ones. This shared culture creates a support system among our consultants as they work and learn together – a dynamic unlikely to be found among freelance consultants working separately.

You can leave your hiring worries to us

Turnover is a concern for many companies in need of IT skills, but it doesn’t have to weigh your business down. Leave the tedious process of seeking out new talent to us. Since we handle the employment basics such as contracts, benefits, and government-mandated registrations, you can rest assured that any departure will not be a burden on your HR team. Expect consultants that come from Atticus to be at the same caliber of skill as the consultant whom they will be replacing.

Freelancers may seem like a low-cost choice, but onboarding a remote team of employed ERP consultants with a dependable company like Atticus will lower risks and afford you long-term peace of mind. Chat with us to know more.


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