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Top Tips When Hiring and Keeping AWS Developers and Staff

AWS cloud computing has been a game changer for more than 100k customers based in 190 countries. Before, businesses were forced to spend a lot of infrastructure expenses upfront. Today, AWS eliminates high fixed infrastructure costs and introduces low variable server rent costs online.

That said, most organizations don’t have the expertise to handle the complexities of AWS migration, implementation, and maintenance, and thus they need to hire an external developer.

However, IT projects in general are notoriously difficult to recruit for, especially in a world where VC-funded tech startups are getting the best talent. This then creates a shortage: how can hiring managers and business owners find the right AWS developer or consultant talent for their project?

This is where this article comes in. Let’s begin.

Tip 1: Significantly Expand your Talent Options

Most hiring managers prefer hiring someone who’s local. But given the context of talent shortage and tough competition, it makes sense to not limit yourself with the local talent pool but also look externally and into other countries.

Countries like Poland, India, Vietnam, and Philippines have an interesting conundrum: they have a surplus of IT talent as their tech industries are not as developed as the West. Based on this economical situation, you would find that you would get not only more technical talent, but you’d also get the right technical talent as compared to the situation where you’ve limited yourself with the local talent pool.

Tip 2: Qualify & Hire Candidates from the Top, then Down

When you’re starting out with your hiring process, you need to start from the highest certifications, then go downwards. This is imperative because you would want your technical talent to make the right decisions on the overall design & architecture of your development operations, not just quick solutions.

Hiring from the top down also allows you to get the technical talent to build an overall system that future hires can follow.

Furthermore, senior hires tend to have superior communication and stakeholder management than fresh AWS associates. The latter tends to want to focus on executing while the former wants more buy-in and support from management, now that they have mastered the foundational AWS skills.

Tip 3: Predictable Projects & Realistic Timelines

One of the key reasons why developers and engineers leave companies is that there’s a lot of unpredictability and changes for projects. This is the #1 reason why developers jump ship and go to a more engineering-focused firm like Google, Facebook, and many tech startups. There are many books from developers lamenting the state of IT project management like The Phoenix Project, and more.

While there are theories abound on what needs to be done for a project; the core principle that organizations need to remember when it comes to IT project management is predictability.

The scope of the project needs to be appropriately sized and locked ahead of time. The scope also needs to be deployed in 1-3 month chunks, and not a juggernaut of a project that lasts for 1 year or more. This enables the engineering team to plan the technical scope of the project with accuracy.

Tip 4: Manage Cultural Differences and Communication

Apart from predictability and certifications, you’ll also need to manage cultural differences well. In general, especially if you’re hiring offshore, it’s smart to hire from highly Westernized countries like Philippines or Singapore as both of these countries are familiar with culture-specific references and terms.

If you hire from Eastern Europe, India, or Vietnam, while you might find better technical talent, you might face a trade off on communication.

But that said, you may want to engage HR consultants in the region that you want to hire in. Many can act as a country manager in your behalf and help you bridge the gap in culture & communication and help you maximize the staffing investment. Firms like Atticus help you do this.

Overall, there are 4 areas that you need to be mindful of when finding AWS developers: 1) expand your talent pool by looking offshore, 2) start from the highest qualifications, then go down, 3) ensure your organization has predictable project timelines, and 4) have protocols to manage cultural differences.

How to Access & Hire the Top 10% of AWS Developers and Architects

If you’re looking to hire offshore, the Atticus team has local partnerships with entities like Apper.ph, which conducts mentorship sessions with technical talent looking to get AWS certifications.

The partnership gives us a view on who the Top 10% of talent is, and we filter them further based on the ability to work with foreign cultures. This gives us a strong edge over other staffing businesses which over-rely on their network.

Get top AWS talent for your organization today: Click here to inquire.


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