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Tips on Offshore Recruitment for DevOps Engineers

Today, many companies recognise DevOps as a crucial part of businesses.

Implementing DevOps is a competitive advantage for companies who need to operate at higher speeds with greater agility.

With proper implementation, it will also enable better collaboration between IT operations and developers.

However, recruiting ideal candidates with ample command of every aspect of DevOps has become more critical and difficult nowadays.

With that being said, companies see leveraging DevOps offshoring as a reasonable alternative - offshore partners has a wide pool of right candidates to choose from, it’s less costly, and comes with a 24/7 support.

So how do you find the right candidate for the most sought after position?

Atticus gathered some tips to help you land the right talent for your DevOps needs.

First, define your specific needs.

Although this would seem like a logical first step, many companies tend to overlook this and plunge into haste.

DevOps has different meanings to each company, it is important to find the right people with the right mix of skills depending on your company's specific needs.

Consider the differences in time zones, for example.

There could be sudden technical problems that could come up during the day which would need immediate attention.

Or it could be that you require familiarity with your company's skill niche that could help Offshoring your DevOps particularly successful.

Identify those specific needs first in order to hire the right fit, establish clear and actionable goals, and adopt an agile infrastructure for maximum productivity.

Communication and soft skills are as important as hard skills.

While the technical skills of a candidate plays a major role in their hire-ability, soft and communication skills must also be taken into consideration.

DevOps is about breaking down the silos between the development and operations team.

A DevOps engineer is someone who builds connections, relieves bottlenecks, and and breaks down the silos to bring the teams together to work towards the common goal.

Know where to Offshore qualified DevOps talents.

Top candidates for DevOps are highly sought after and competed for, and relying on traditional job posting sites alone won’t cut it anymore.

If you want to land the right people, consider being present and active on platforms your candidates are on such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

These platforms not only promote your job openings but also your brand content, which helps you attract and engage qualified candidates who you could not reach with job postings.

Partner with DevOps Offshoring Firms.

Moving your DevOps operation to an offshore partner is beneficial for your business- less expensive and comes with 24/7 support.

With a reliable offshore partner, you can get the right fit to handle the technical requirements of your project.

At Atticus, our talents are carefully handpicked and our founders themselves conduct the final interviews.

We have a pool of talents equipped with the right skills to adapt to the DevOps culture and lead organisations to succeed through it.

With our partnership with training and subject-matter expert, Apper.ph, our talents have the right certifications to excel more in their field. Contact us today and schedule a call with our founders.


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