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The Evolution of Offshoring

In recent years, companies have expanded their talent pool internationally by offshoring technical or administrative positions to employees outside their home country. Managers have found this method not only to be cost-efficient and but it also widens the variety of human resources available.

With that, as technology advances and the popularity of social media rapidly develops, cultural barriers between countries are further blurred. This is especially prevalent in cities like Manila where the culture in itself is more adaptable than any other country in Southeast Asia.

With its high English literacy rate and familiarity with Western culture as a product of the American colonization in the 20s, Manila offshore staff is fully capable to assimilate into Western office culture. As a result, companies maximize productivity and time as well as avoid unnecessary hurdles from cultural or language differences.

Now, with the availability of workers with existing foundations of Western culture, the offshoring model has evolved from treating their talent as automated workers to actually finding hires that share or can easily adapt to the company’s own culture and share similar values. Coupled with cultural assimilation, this modern phenomena can also be attributed to the advanced means of communication available, making it easier for companies to be able to collaborate with their offshore hires more rapidly and in real-time. As a result, corresponding is done on a more personal level.

With these two characteristics, both offshore and local offices can then work harmoniously and avoid any conflicts, making this modern model the key to ensuring companies value their offshore workers as they do their own hires.

An example of this is offshore solutions company Diversify connecting their travel agency client to a team that not only had the necessary skills, but also similar cultural beliefs. This was necessary for the task at hand, which was to help hire employees through Diversify team.

As a result, the companies were able to recruit several employees and relocate existing outsourced teams to offshore ones. Companies like Atticus strive to coordinate with its clients to understand their values and culture and match them with corresponding talent. With these similar focuses, both parties increase productivity and less attrition.

If you’re interested in finding remote staff that are an extension of your company’s core values, we would love to help you out.

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