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My Virtual Assistant does Yoga, Crossfit, MMA, & Spinning. Does yours?

We’ve already gotten to discuss just why a Virtual Assistant is crucial for small business owners, especially for fitness centers, but choosing the right one for you is another story. While there are so many platforms available such as Upwork and Freelancer, there is only so much you can do to ensure that these virtual assistants understand the essence of running a gym-- or even worse, having an unprofessional virtual assistant that fails to meet your standards.

Virtual Assistants that actually workout!

Services like Atticus avoids these risks with our meticulous process of learning about clients' goals and finding talent that matches those needs. This is because at Atticus, we understand the importance of having offshore talent that shares the same ambitions and most importantly, has or is able to adapt to the company’s culture.

This hold especially true for fitness gyms: hiring just any VA will not ensure that he or she will know the proper social media calendar for a Yoga Studio or what elements are needed to create a promotional Crossfit Open posted for a Crossfit box. This aspect in the VA-finding process is easily overlooked and not considered in the list of priorities but in reality, can significantly cut down the time it takes onboard your VA, especially in orienting them with the industry, your organization, and your target audience.

A YOGI Virtual Assistant?! Is that possible?

For example, Crossfit is a relatively newer concept that has been around in the fitness industry for a little more than a decade. Coupled with that, it also has its own community, terminology, and processes when it comes to setting up gyms, thus it requires more background knowledge on how it functions from the VA than a regular gym would.

Hence, it’s best to find a company like Atticus that has a background in running a fitness gym and thus understands the nuances that comes along with the process. Accordingly, we can hire and train VAs that fit the appropriate gym culture and understand the underlying fundamental values.

It’s essential that fitness centers take this into consideration when hiring a virtual assistant. While it’s a given that a VA will save a business owner so much time from menial yet crucial tasks, training your VA is also just as important. Thus, this time can be cut significantly and the process done more efficiently given that the VA already is familiar with the specifics of the industry.

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