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Looking for a Good Remote Staffing Firm? Look for Good Founders

Human capital firms typically offer several services to clients of different industries. Any client can come to a firm and ask for an employee of any position, level, and rank— the possibilities are endless.

Spot the founders

But how does a client choose a remote staffing firm to ensure the best service? Having said that, one thing that is often overlooked when selecting a firm is the experience of the founders.

It is an understandable mistake: it is not in the top of mind to immediately look for who owns the firm when comparing options, but rather would look at reviews. It is perfectly acceptable and in fact a good means of comparison, but what if the employee you are looking for is specific to your situation? What if the reviews you find are for another type of employee and not the one you are looking for?

Or even a better question, what if your remote staff service provider had important information you did not know you would find there?

Atticus Solutions was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with experience from several industries under their belt. Each entrepreneur involved have a set of diverse backgrounds, bringing a versatile pool of knowledge when developing and running their firm. Small companies especially benefit from this because the founders become consultants who not only provide staff but also give insight on how to grow their business in a cost-efficient manner.

In other words, it goes beyond hiring a firm to find specific employees to fill a position— the founders are able to use their relevant experience to help their clients the best way they can. This situation was seen when one client was looking to expand to the Philippines with their POS system. Because the Atticus founders had knowledge in the topic, they were able to provide the client with a market entry strategy as well as connection to expand their network and aid them in partnering with distributors accordingly.

Because of the founders’ previous backgrounds, Atticus was able to give operational advice to their client on how to resolve problems and grow their business, which is above and beyond the service of your typical staffing firm.

But this is because, at Atticus, we believe in being beyond a regular service that provides something a client needs, but rather, and aid to help companies grow into their full potential. We are here to help you bring your company forward.

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