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If you’re looking for a Netsuite team, look in the Philippines

You’re business is growing and you need to keep pace with the demand. You attended Suiteworld last month are you are pumped with the latest updates and directions that Netsuite has just shared.

You come back to your office and see that your pipeline of sales is pretty good but then when you look at your bench of consultants, you don't think they'll be able to handle the load. So now what?

Well, the most common thing partners would do would be to start advertising for a position. Months have gone by and you still haven't found the right person. Now you are desperate. You seek help from a talent search firm and see their fees and start figuring out whether it is worth it or not. At this point, you are closing in to month two with your search and at the same time you see the projects in the pipeline trickle in.

If everything you just read above you can somehow relate to, look no further.

Here are some of the reasons we can help you ASAP.

Our accounting and IT talent pool continues to grow

At its very core, Netsuite is primarily enabling a company to manage finances end to end through technology. Good candidates for functional and technical Netsuite consultants in the Philippines are aplenty.

According to a statistics from the Philippines’ Commission on Higher Education (CHED), both business graduates and IT graduates have more than doubled in the last 10 years alone. These young professionals joining the workforce ensure the steady stream of potential accounting and IT practitioners - all candidates for careers in business technologies like Netsuite. Moreover, business and IT have consistently topped as college degrees in terms of number of enrollees every year for the last 10 years. This means that the foundational skills needed for these roles will have a steady supply in the foreseeable future.

Experience needed to develop competency in Netsuite is widely available

Many Filipino accounting and auditing specialists have honed their competencies in the Big Four firms present here in the Philippines: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, Deloitte & Touche, and KPMG.

Experiences of Filipino IT specialists are deepened by big international names as well. Companies with headquarters in the Philippines like Oracle, SAP, Infor, IBM, Dell, VMWare, HP, and many others bring skills and knowledge that Filipinos are absorbing and adopting quickly.

OracleNetsuite also has a big footprint here in the Philippines. A sizeable chunk of the global Netsuite workforce is in the Philippines, with Netsuite Philippines thriving since 2006. A thirteen-year tenure in the country means that hundreds - even thousands - of consultants developers, testers, analysts, and support personnel have been managed and trained by Netsuite itself. Some of the features of the Netsuite app were even developed by Filipino engineers. These trained Netsuite functional and technical consultants spread their skills in the workforce as they progress in their careers, move to other companies, and mentor other employees. It’s like a niche skill that has gone viral.

In addition, the presence of Netsuite in the Philippines has created Rockstar consultants who have had a wealth experience in verticals or industries which are not common in your local talent pool. These rockstars have graduated from Netsuite and moved on to local firms who also serve global clients which further add on to the skillset of these consultants.

Somethings also overlooked are the communications skills and ability to adjust to your local timezone. These consultants have worked with global clients their communication skills have been polished because working remote forces you to be proactive in communication - always confirming whether they are on the right path, reaching out for feedback, immediately bringing to attention anything that is wrong, needs change, or may not hit the deadline. Lastly, most consultants are used to working your local timezone - if US they can adjust to work 9-5pm PST which is 12mn to 8am our local time or if EU they usually work 3pm to 12mn which is 9-5pm EET.

So we've made our case. If you are still not convinced, send our directors a message at miggy@atticus.ph. Maybe when you hear the rates you will now change your mind.


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