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How to make remote ERP Consultants a reality.

The intuitive choice in onboarding a team that would implement an ERP system are local resources. It’s convenient, comfortable, and the most logical option. There’s a sense of security that comes with knowing your ERP team is working on the biggest project of your career just a few feet away from your office. You won’t have to worry about security as they access your dev server within the network. Complex, cross-functional configurations could be managed by functional consultants seated beside each other, closely coordinating their activities. Your own users could easily barge into the project room and report a business process that needs to be customized in the system and cannot conform to an out-of-the-box setting. When you’re reporting progress to your stakeholders, you can just call them into the boardroom when discussions become too technical.

Large enterprises like having ERP consultants on call so much, they’ve hired armies of them in-house. Their installations are complex, their users demanding. Maintaining the system across the years would benefit from a tenured Finance module consultant, for example, who carries with him the history of the system functionalities and how one change request could affect the module - or system - as a whole. To realize the setup, these large enterprises allot big bucks in their annual budget to go to resources, office space, and maintenance of their ERP.

Small to medium enterprises may not have access to that kind of budget. But their business processes are also not as complex, or at the very least these companies are willing to streamline their processes. They are price-sensitive but flexible. Still, their ERP project is important to the future of their growing company (and the stakeholders’ respective careers). So they need to have access to a team that will help them succeed.

Hiring local experts, especially in countries like the US, comes with a huge price tag. If your company is preparing for an ERP implementation or support project while having to manage a budget, consider hiring a remote ERP team. It may not necessarily be comfortable or convenient at first, but the benefits of a remote team deserve a chance in your steering committee's next meeting.

You’ll have more options for your limited budget

Your budget may not be able to afford you senior consultants in the USA, but the rates for ERP skills in other countries are much more affordable. The cost of living in the Philippines, as an example, is a few folds lower than in the USA. But low-cost doesn’t mean low quality. ERP companies like Netsuite have big business footprints in the Philippines, contributing to the technical competency of the local workforce. Apart from that, the big four auditing and accounting firms are also present in the country, the resource pool of which is providing deep functional expertise in ERP projects. Besides, Filipinos are known to be good English speakers. They can understand you and articulate their insights to you clearly and confidently. You therefore have access to technical, functional, and communications skills - well within the limits of your budget.

You can work through the distance

ERP technologies have evolved to meet the needs of a global economy. It used to be that ERP systems had to be installed on-premise, in high-powered servers that can only be accessed within your facilities. Then came software-as-a-service. Productivity and communication apps. High-speed mobile internet. Add to that the limited space in offices for growing teams. It is now possible for teams to collaborate from different parts of the world and in different time zones.

To make remote working more comfortable, you can take the hybrid approach — that is, assign a local project manager and/or solutions architect who will manage the team of ERP consultants offshore. You may also make arrangements for members of the remote team to work temporarily onsite, during strategic phases of the project like blueprinting, go-live, and user training.

Consider Agile as your delivery methodology. Agile promotes speed and flexibility, which may align with your company’s goals of having a working system as fast as possible, then fine tune the features as your business grows. Agile works well with an offshore team setup too — you break down a system design into functional parts, which you can independently configure or develop from anywhere in the world. The goal of each of the team members is to complete tasks assigned to them, and not necessarily to spend as much time as possible onsite.

Atticus makes remote ERP work, work

In Atticus, we make remote consulting work with the right skills, people, and setup to make your ERP investment fruitful.

We start with talent

The Philippines is home to a continuously growing IT and accounting graduates and to professionals skilled in ERP, particularly Netsuite. We in Atticus have a team of recruiters and resource managers who have been for 3 years perfecting the science and art of matching the right talent to the right job. We have successfully delivered dozens of projects for US companies, while working from our facilities in Manila.

We develop communications skills

Aside from our talents speaking English since they were children, we nurture a culture of asking questions - in order for us to first understand, and then respond.

We encourage the growth mindset

Implementing and supporting an ERP system does not only mean configuring features or coding customizations. It also means a lot of time understanding challenges being relayed by clients and offering solutions. It means encountering new bugs in the system — or personalities! — we’ve never seen before. We live with the pressure of being in IT, so we keep the growth mindset at the center of our values, whether we are in consulting, sales, admin, or any aspect of the business. We believe that it’s not about being born great - we have to work towards being great. We even have a full-time coach to help us manage obstacles at times when we are stuck or demotivated. This is how we consistently deliver results and continuously improve.

We have the processes and infrastructure in place

We have been in the business of remote consulting since 2016, so we have developed and improved the processes and infrastructure that we need to keep our teams efficient and effective. We use apps like (Slack, Skype, Google Drive, Asana, JIRA - confirm) to collaborate among ourselves and with the client. We have a human resources department to take care of attendance, leaves, and resource rotations. With these systems in place, we assure optimum service level and business continuity.

In Atticus, we make remote ERP work, work. We have the talent, the skills, and the system that have allowed us to help US companies grow and improve their business for years. Chat with us to know more.


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