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Here’s What To Do To Avoid Business Burnout

Entrepreneurship is a very demanding industry, most especially for fitness business owners. As as an entrepreneur and owner of a small business in such a customer satisfaction-oriented industry, the profession will typically demand almost 24 hours of work 7 days a week from you and your staff.

Most especially in the initial stages, where you are trying to get your business name out there in the saturated market that is the fitness industry, which will inevitably lead to mental, physical, and emotional stress.

And before you know it, you’re burnt out.

“Burnout” is caused by long periods and stress and is common for entrepreneurs. It not only affects them as people but their own businesses as well.

Understandably so— it can be hard for them to step away from work when they are trying to build it up from the ground. And in a fast-paced environment like fitness, it can be difficult to stay relevant in the market.

However, as difficult it might prove to be at times, it’s healthy for a businessman or woman to step back, get organized, and most importantly… learn to delegate work to stay on track with their goals.

Take a Breather

First: you have to relax. Step away from work and clear your mind, so that you can come back refreshed and ready to grow your business without the nagging feeling of stress hanging over your shoulders.

During this time, you can reflect and look at your business at a wider angle and see where you can improve and work more efficiently. As demanding as the fitness industry is, have to schedule a down for your own sake.

Have a North Star

A North Star is your company’s ultimate vision. This statement or goal will serve as the driving force that brings your company together and is what you work towards every day. When you feel like you’re lost in the journey of your business, the company North Star is what you turn to make sure that everything you are doing is for the benefit of why you built your company in the first place.

With a North Star, you will always know what you are working towards and avoid the feeling of not knowing where you’re going as a business, reducing the stress and potential burnt out that could arise from losing purpose.

Have a Mentor

This most especially applies to new fitness gym owners just getting into the industry, but even more season fitness entrepreneurs can benefit from it as well.

The environment in the fitness market is cut-throat in that it is B2C, which requires businesses to appeal to customers and trendy. This combination is similar to the food industry where it forces business owners to think outside the box and constantly be updated on the latest fitness craze to stay relevant and attract clientele.

This demanding characteristic of the industry is difficult and is better dealt with by having someone who has more experience or can give a different angle in concepts that you may come up with in your entrepreneurial journey.

Having someone that you trust to give you advice and guidance as your try navigate yourself through the market will not only provide you insight on ideas that you might miss yourself but will save you from the overwhelming stress of finding your voice in the fitness industry.

Prioritize and Delegate Work

With the neverending list of responsibilities under your belt and the tasks that need to be done, you need to get organized. Not only do fitness owners have to think about meeting certain safety standards and regulations for equipment and floor staff, but they also have to market themselves to potential clients and keep them happy with their experience in the long term.

Because of this, you as a business owner really have to sit down and think about and separate the tasks that you need to do a fitness gym owner and what you can delegate to your staff.

Trying to wear all hats is an unrealistic yet common thing that entrepreneurs will attempt to do as they try to grow their business, and it’s also one of the main causes of burnout.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

In line with that, the best move as a small business entrepreneur is to hire some help. It’s beyond delegating work to your staff: it’s crucial that you have someone working closely with you and do menial tasks so you can focus on the macro growth of your company.

Not only is this the cost-effective option versus hiring a full-time staff, but it also gives you the opportunity to run your business as an entrepreneur.

Your virtual assistant will follow your systems and will help you manage your business accordingly. Because as a fitness entrepreneur, you shouldn’t be helping clients book their appointments or fixing up the coaches schedules— this is where your VA would come in.Atticus Solutions helps you grow your business through remote staffing. To find the perfect virtual assistant for your company, contact us here.


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