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Feel Overcharged for Subpar Talent? This Is Probably Why

You’ve experienced the convenience of remote staffing— but how sure are you that your money is going to your employees instead of the firm? If you don’t do your research, your budget for your offshore staff could be spent more on fees instead of the actual employee.

Do you really know what offshore companies pay your talent?

How this happens is a client will hire offshoring firms to find employees with a certain working budget. The firm will then consider that budget, but will eat into the margins of the actual employee’s salary to accommodate other fees they may have.

As a result, they are forced to search for employees from the lower end of the talent pool with a smaller budget. What this means is that the employees they hire will not necessarily be the best ones out there or will only put the same effort that is equivalent to how much they are compensated.

Thus, as a result of lower pay from unevenly distributed fees, your company will be paying a certain amount for service that won’t be worth the price. This is why at Atticus, we pay 75-80% of fees to the actual employees so the variety that we are able to hire is wider, as the working budget is higher. This way, the quality of service is ensured and worth the money that you pay.

For example, an offshore Customer Service Representative from the higher end of the talent pool will range from PHP 25,000-35,000 and does not include benefits. An offshoring firm could charge a client USD 1500 (around PHP 78,000), where the employee’s services as well as their own would fall under. But instead of choosing a good Customer Service Rep worth at least PHP 25,000, they will pull from the lower end of the talent pool and select and employee with a salary worth PHP 18,000 - 20,000— leaving the firm with at least 75% of what a client pays. As a result, the client will spend about PHP 78,000 for an employee that will only work equivalent to a salary of PHP 20,000 maximum.

With that in mind, while the price from not having the employees physically in the office is convenient, it can be a double-edged sword. As a client, there can be information that firms will not disclose to you: some will show a projected salary for the employee, which are subject to change and thus may be different (possibly much lower) when the contracts are signed. Some will also not have this option at all and leave out this information from their clients.

Atticus Solutions alleviates these risks by practicing the utmost transparency with our clients. A copy of the actual contract that shows the breakdown of our fees and employee salary is always disclosed to client to maintain honesty on where their fees will go. This way, our clients know exactly where their money is going.

Hiring a service such as Atticus Solutions ensures that the employees you hire are professionals and are worth the cost that you pay. To learn more about our services, visit https://www.atticus.ph/.


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