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Born or grown? You need a sales team with the growth mindset

"People just don't like talking to me."

"The client was too busy to take my call."

"The sales targets are too high."

Sounds familiar? These are some of the excuses many sales reps recite come business review time. If you are a sales manager and you hear too much of these, you may have started thinking, maybe my team is just not cut out for this.

But to us in Atticus Solutions, as B2B sales offshoring company, this is not the end of the line. What sales reps need is a constant reminder that while things are looking bleak now, we can always grow to become sales rockstars.

Growth vs Fixed mindset

We all know that one sales person - born charming, extroverted, with a natural knack for closing deals and possibly some hypnotic powers. He’s great. Someone with a fixed mindset will say only this kind of individual can possibly contribute to my sales team. Now it is up to HR to search for these individuals.

However, the growth mindset says you have control over your efforts to become great, to grow a great team. It is focused not on innate talent but on the potential to become great. For example, the ability to convince customers to sit down for a discussion despite a busy day is a skill you acquire through practice. What worked for many of your conversations? What time of day or day of week? Or do you have to pitch your brand value in a more articulate manner? If everyone in your sales team adopted this growth attitude, they’d spend less time stressing out and more time honing their craft.

What sets sales reps with the growth mindset apart

They deal with rejection well. Any sales veteran, no matter how good he is, has been rejected hundreds of times. Being told your competitor is better or that a person does not want to talk to you hurts, but the difference comes from how you will take this rejection. The growth mindset tells you to process positive or negative feedback and use it to better represent your brand. It may take more than a few tries, but you know you’ll get there.

They always strive to be better. Sometimes, a sales rep has always been a good conversationalist and he knows it. A person with a fixed mindset will stick with this quality and run with it - never mind that he has to know and be able to communicate the brand, its features and its benefits. This kind of relationship selling works on some customers, but not on highly informed ones. A person with a growth mindset will not be complacent - he will build on his existing skills and learn more. He will aim to be able to lead a customer throughout the buying cycle and handle objections with grace.

They have a positive, no excuses attitude. People with a growth mindset overcome obstacles. If they are willing to put in the effort to better themselves, they will also put in the effort to better the circumstances and make things work. Bad call list? No problem. We will find other ways to reach out. Customer on a long vacation? Sure. I will pitch to the officer in charge. This kind of attitude is infectious, and they are the kind of people you want in your team.

The growth mindset sets us apart from other B2B offshoring teams

In Atticus Solutions, we instill in our talent the growth mindset. Our founders hire for companies as if they were their own, and develop talent as if they will stay forever.

We understand the high pressure in the IT sales industry, so we keep the growth mindset at the center of our sales team values. We even have a full-time coach to help us manage obstacles at times when we are stuck or demotivated. In developing accounts or nurturing leads, this is how we consistently deliver results and continuously improve. Have a chat with us on how our growth mindset team can complement yours.


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