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Are your sales rockstars doing what they do best?

Expand your sales team offshore - convert high quality leads and close more effectively.

The sales pipeline is pretty straightforward, no matter how different sales teams use different variations of it: suspect > prospect > lead > opportunity > win. Naturally, startups or small companies tend to assign call lists to a lean sales team and expect them to drive the entire sales process. Real sales rock stars will not object - they will grab a list, pick up the phone, and start calling. In 3 to 6 months, they will make their first sale. But is this the best use of their time? Or could they have closed the deal in 30 to 60 days instead?

If your senior sales reps are still cold calling a list and at the same time trying to close that deal for 6 months, then you may not be be getting the most value from their time.Here’s how we think the sales process can be broken up and managed more effectively.

A dedicated team to convert leads into opportunities - fast

Gartner says that 57% of selling is done before the customer even picks up the phone. In a world where customers are more informed, you have to be more deliberate in moving the accounts from the top to the bottom of the sales funnel.

You probably have a marketing team that pushes content to social media, websites, blogs, and other digital channels. They may even be hosting meetups or attending industry events to get you that precious list of targets. These leads cost time and money to acquire - you need to follow up on these leads fast.

How? A team focused on converting leads into opportunities. From a high quality list coming from marketing, a dedicated sales development team will now secure the interest of these contacts and lead them through the buying process.

There are more accounts to cover in this lead to opportunity stage - validating the contact, introducing the company, appointment setting - than there are in the closing stage of the selling cycle. In our experience, it takes 30 days to turn a lead into an opportunity and another 60 days to close the deal. Therefore, it makes sense to assign this stage to a sales development team. This takes away 40% of the work - time that your closers, or your business development team, can spend on getting the purchase order.

Building a team specifically for converting leads to opportunities may have its outright cost implications - but if you think about the hidden costs of a closer calling a list instead of closing, then the cost benefits become apparent. To make sure that the sales development team is effective, here are a few tips:

Hire sales development reps who are an extension of your brand, who embody the things that you stand for. If you are selling an accounting software, consider reps who have accounting or software experience. That way, they will go beyond just setting an appointment - they are able to handle inquiries and objections even before they pass on the opportunity to a senior sales person.

Consider an offshore team to save on costs. But don’t sacrifice quality. Your sales development reps are your first human touch point to your potential customers. Communication skills are important. Should you decide to go offshore, partner with a company who will go beyond supplying your team with warm bodies. A sales development representative should be a match to your requirement in terms of skills, experience, and values. Plan for training and skills development so that your offshore hires can scale with your company.

Atticus Solutions specializes in B2B sales for software companies. We are based in the Philippines. Check us out.

Let your senior sales reps do what they do best - close deals

Now, you have freed up your sales reps’ time from cold calling, validating contacts, and appointment setting. They can focus on what they’re paid for to do - bring in revenue. As time goes, and as your sales development team becomes more familiar to your business and processes - your sales reps can work on even higher quality opportunities that convert to higher revenue. This is how building a dedicated sales development team will pay off.

Atticus Solutions leads offshore B2B sales in the Philippines

When you look into offshoring your sales development team, the Philippines is a popular site for remotely expanding an English-speaking workforce. Filipino reps are experienced in the BPO industry processes, and because they are native English speakers, communication gaps are never an issue. Moreover, offshoring rates in the country are very competitive. Atticus Solutions specializes in B2B software sales. Our founders lead the charge in optimizing the sales processes of SMEs and startups. Having experienced being part of and leading sales teams themselves, they understand the technical and soft skills that are needed for a talent to be successful in a job role. They are heavily involved in hiring and developing your team members, always with the goal of finding the right skills, experiences, and values in a talent.

Get to know us better. We’d love to hear from you. Visit the Atticus website and chat with us.


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