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Are your business development teams struggling to close deals?

When managing a sales team, you’re always trying to find the most cost-efficient methods to keep your team lean but capable of aiding the growth of your business. Often companies will focus solely on hiring business managers for their on-ground business development team, but little do they know: the business development team is only one part of the pipeline.

This is the typical growth problem of SAAS companies— they structure their sales team to balance the tasks of two separate entities. Because of this, processes are time-consuming, the team is overworked, and it is expensive in that you are paying a team that will not be doing a job to the best of their capabilities due to the fact that they are balancing so many important tasks at once.

Setting meetings and making cold calls are tasks that are important and tedious in their own, and if done by a team whose purpose is more related to business development. Your team won’t work efficiently enough and your company’s growth will be slow.

Therefore with that in mind, only utilizing business development team seems to be a stand-alone entity seems to be the most cost-efficient decision, but it’ll actually cost you as a company more than you think.

Firstly, it costs an average of 31 days only to turn a lead into an opportunity, therefore another two months or more to close the lead. With that in mind, thousands of dollars per lead (depending on the industry) to nurture one lead out of the many that the company would have to collate.

The costly option of solving this growth problem is hiring an entire sales force dedicated to finding leads. It will speed up the time as not all responsibilities are under one team and both teams can focus on what they are specialized to do. Work is distributed properly and done efficiently to nurture the growth of the company.

Now, what if you can still speed up the time it takes to acquire clients but also bring down the cost?

Companies can do this by hiring a remote outbound sales team solely for lead generation team so that they could leave their business development team to focus on nurturing the lead-turned-client relationships and generating profit.

Thus, in the long run, saves more time and money as they have two separate teams working on two different tasks.

The company will have an offshore lead generation and appointment setting team solely focused on finding prospective clients through cold calls, outbound and inbound marketing, and the like. This team aims their attention on lead accusation, then delegating them to the business development team.

This way, their business development team will nurture these leads into actual clients. Their jobs are more focused on profit through closing deals as opposed to acquiring new clients and their skills are typically centered towards negotiation to close deals.

Luckily, companies like Atticus Solutions provides companies with offshore lead generation and appointment setting teams catered specifically to their business needs and existing business development teams.

Now businesses need not have to hire a full-time team into their physical office but rather, have an offshore team for a fraction of the cost.

If you are a company that is looking to grow and increases revenue through a growing client pool, contact us to see how we can help: www.atticus.ph


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