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Hire dedicated remote offshore staff.


They report directly to you

Legally binding employee contracts

Cost efficiencies for top talent

You receive a full suite of HR solutions:

  • Benefits Administration

  • Loan Facility

  • Career Progression and Salary Scale Development

  • Mentorship and Leadership Development Program

  • Recruitment


1. Learning Your Story.

We first have a Founder to Founder chat. As founders of our own companies, we'd like to get to know you personally and what your vision is for your company.

What type of talent are you looking for and what are your budget constraints (if any)?

2. Hunting for Talent.

We match your needs to the right recruitment manager, who has the right connections to the talent within your industry.​


We hire as if we would hire for our own company. The first hires matter a lot in your growing team. We will make sure we get that right the first time by involving ourselves in the recruitment process.

3. Co-Managing Talent.

We take care of all human resources and administration and facilities, while your company manages the day to day activities of your new hire.

If you don't like who you hire, let us know and we will find a replacement.  Bottom line: we don't want you to get wrinkles thinking about why you hired the wrong person.

4. Igniting Talent.

We focus on communication skills development. We teach our people not to be shy and to ask the right questions.​


As Founders, we personally coach and mentor talent on how to improve mindset to become better communicators.​


We have a full-time performance coach who helps people improve their communication skills and trains them on the Growth Mindset.



1402 Centerpoint Bldg.

Garnet Road, Ortigas Center
Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

+61 2 9136 1600​

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